March MADness: Should’ve Emailed vs. Should’ve Spoken IRL

Communication break-downs happen all the time, particularly when we choose the wrong mode of communication to work with. Projects or even simple decisions can take many times longer to accomplish if you’ve chosen the wrong way to talk about them. Which communication mistake is worst?

When You Should’ve Emailed

We’ve all been there. You set up a meeting, spend the time preparing, and coordinating with stakeholders then as you sit down, you realize that everyone is up to speed with your update or agenda, or only needs minor clarifications. You took time (and others’ time) to set up a real life conversation when you just should have sent an email.

When You Should’ve Spoken IRL

Or, in an attempt to save time and energy on the team, you condense an update on a project to an email then zip it off to the stakeholders. A few hours later you’ve got an inbox full of questions and at least one very confused engineer. You’ve drastically underestimated the complexity of the update; you should have spoken in real life.

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