Your Complete Guide to English Grammar

Discover how English grammar works by diving into grammar rules and learning resources. Research basic grammar topics—including parts of speech, such as mechanics, syntax, and punctuation—to cultivate your grammar practice. Fix grammar mistakes and give your writing an extra polish.

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What Is Grammar?
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Ultimate Guide to Grammar
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What Is Grammar?

Grammar is defined as a system of language rules that allows you to combine individual words to make complex meanings. By applying grammar rules to your writing, you’ll make it stronger, clearer, and more effective.

A Grammar App for Impactful Writing

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Watch and Learn

Learn more about common English grammar rules through these
tips and examples.

"Who" vs. "Whom"

Learn when to use “who” versus “whom” with these tips.
Learn how to use who and whom correctly.

Simple Present Tense

Learn more about the simple present tense in this comprehensive guide with examples.
Learn how to use simple present tense correctly.

Passive Voice

Learn about the differences between the passive and active voice.
Learn how to use passive voice correctly.

Capitalization Rules

Learn about the most important English capitalization rules to follow in any writing task or assignment.
Learn capitalization rules
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Grammar and Spelling Checker

Review your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, so it’s mistake-free and easy to understand.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is grammar?

Grammar is a system of language rules for how words are used in sentences and change in different situations.

Why is grammar important in writing?

Grammar allows us to combine individual words to make complex meanings and communicate effectively. By learning the rules of grammar, you can write with better clarity while enjoying the freedom to make stylistic choices.

What are the basic rules of grammar?

Some basic rules of grammar include ensuring all sentences have a subject and a verb; placing adjectives directly before the noun they describe, or after it if separated by a verb; and using a comma to connect two ideas.

What are some common grammar mistakes in English?

Some common grammar mistakes are incorrect subject-verb agreement, fragmented sentences, missing commas, apostrophe misuse, misplaced modifiers, and incorrect word usage.

How can I improve my grammar?

Improve your grammar by understanding pivotal parts of speech, reading more to build vocabulary, and double-checking your writing with an automated grammar checker to correct grammar mistakes.

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