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On average, teams using Grammarly Business keep their tone on-brand 40% more often than before.
Tone Profile

Choose from dozens of tones to create a tone profile that matches your brand.

Use tone profiles to make sure your message reads as intended.
Grammarly's tone detector shows you what your writing sounds like to others
Tone Detector

Team members see real-time feedback to help them adjust the tone of their writing.


Measure progress and improvement to ensure a consistent brand experience for customers.

Grammarly Business analytics show you if your team is using your company's brand tones.
Create tone profiles
Tone Profiles

Assign different tone profiles to groups to create distinct team voices.

With brand tones from Grammarly Business, our entire team can stay on-brand in conveying the right level of confidence. It helps us elevate our level of service while staying competitive in a fast-evolving market.

Miguel Enriquez
Chief Administrative Officer at Enshored

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Empower your team to write clearly and correctly with instantaneous writing suggestions.
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Set up custom writing style guidance for individual teams or your whole company.
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Measure progress and identify improvement areas for your team.
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Brand Tones

Create brand-forward communication easily with real-time brand tone feedback.
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