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Essay Writing

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Grammarly’s Toolbox for Polished Essay Writing

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Proofread with ease

Clean up typos, grammatical mistakes, and easily confused words with just a few clicks to make proofreading a breeze.
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Avoid plagiarism with good citations

Grammarly scans 16 billion ProQuest™-licensed web pages and articles to identify passages that may need citation.

Simplify hard-to-read sentences

Clean up tangled, unclear sentences to get your point across—and achieve the best grade possible.
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On your mark, get set, punctuate

Grammarly flags punctuation missteps as you write so that readers can follow your every sentence with ease.

Nurture your inner dictionary

Grammarly suggests alternatives for precisely what you want to say, even if your brain draws a blank.
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Keep Improving with Grammarly’s Essay-Writing Library

Even though “essays” now refer to a finished piece of writing, the word “essay” was originally a verb that meant “to try.” And trying is the whole point!

Explore our library of essay-writing tips to help your next essay feel less intimidating, even when you’re starting with a blank page. You’ll learn all about the building blocks for writing an essay and get guidance on how to write some of the most common essay types.
How to Write an Essay Outline
Essay Outlines

Organize your essay with a logical outline. When you actually start writing, you’ll thank yourself!
Essay Introductions
Essay Introductions

Like a good book, an introduction to an essay has to grab the readers’ attention in just a few sentences. That’s no easy task, so here are some strategies to consider.
Body paragraphs illustration
Body Paragraphs

They make up the bulk of the essay! You better know how to structure a good body paragraph so you don't end up with paragraphs in the middle that are too hard to follow.
Essay Conclusions image
Essay Conclusions

All’s well that ends well. Finish strong with these concluding-paragraph tips so you end on a strong note.
Thesis Statement image
Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the most important sentence of your essay. Here’s how to write one with clarity and confidence.
Topic Sentences image
Topic Sentences

In essays, topics can change from paragraph to paragraph. See what makes a great topic sentence in this article, complete with explanations and examples!
Persuasive Essays image
Persuasive Essays

Persuasion is power. See what makes a convincing essay with these rhetorical tips.
Essays illustration
Compare-and-Contrast Essays

The heart of a great compare-and-contrast essay is true understanding of the topic. Here’s how to organize all your thoughts and research before you embark on this common essay form.
Expository essay illustration
Expository Essays

Expository writing is one of the hardest kinds of writing to do well. Facts have to speak for themselves, so here's how to strike the right tone.
Argumentative essay illustration
Argumentative Essays

Structuring good arguments requires more than passionate belief. Read our guide on classic argumentation techniques.
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Watch and Learn

Write a compelling essay from beginning to end with Grammarly’s 5-step process.
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AI Resources for Students

Interested in learning more about how generative AI tools can boost your academic success? We have you covered. Browse our resources to learn how to use AI responsibly and effectively to improve your grades, impress your teachers, and spark your creativity.

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