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Clean it up on the go

Fix typos and mistakes in seconds.
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Cut out unnecessary words with ease.

Explore your writing statistics

Track your improvement over time.
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Work in the cloud

Access your documents from anywhere.

Works in Your Favorite Apps

Microsoft Word

Thank you for adding support to synchronizing the document library between devices. This will change my workflow for the better, enable me to now use Grammarly across all my devices, and replace Word and Notes. Thank you!

Dean Blackstock
iOS App Store reviewer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install and use Grammarly on my iPad?

Download Grammarly for iPad from the App Store and follow the installation prompts. If you need additional help, check out our support article.

How does Grammarly work on my iPad?

Grammarly for iPad is several apps in one—by installing it once, you’ll have access to the Grammarly Keyboard for iOS, the Grammarly iPad Editor, and the Grammarly browser extension for Safari on your iPad.

What does Grammarly Keyboard offer beyond my device’s native keyboard?

The Grammarly Keyboard brings Grammarly's writing suggestions straight to you in any app, including texts, emails, and social media posts. Writing feedback goes beyond your phone's standard autocorrect and helps ensure your writing is clear and correct.

How can I create and store documents on Grammarly via my iPad?

The Grammarly Editor offers cloud-based storage for your documents. By creating or saving a document in the Grammarly Editor, you can access it from your iPhone, iPad, or desktop through the Grammarly app.

Can I access Grammarly documents from my iPad on other devices?

Yes, you sure can! If you save a document to the Grammarly Editor, you can access and edit it on your iPhone, iPad, or desktop.

Is my data secure on Grammarly for iPad?

We take your privacy and security extremely seriously. Read more about what we do to keep your information safe.

Can I use Grammarly on my iPhone?

Absolutely! Download the Grammarly app on your iPhone and follow the installation prompts to get started.

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