Measure and Drive Your Team's Progress with Analytics

Drive efficiency improvements and better communication with analytics from Grammarly Business.
Monitor your team's writing efficacy with tone analytics.

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Get the big picture

See when your team applies writing feedback and track progress by the numbers.

Track progress with objective metrics measuring your team's writing and communication patterns.
Use customized filters to leverage relevant data points for each team.
Drill Down

Identify trends for customer-facing teams, business units, and more with customized filters.


Ensure your team is making the right impression with writing tone analysis.

Make sure your message stays on-brand with Grammarly's tone analysis feature.
Grammarly Business' dashboard translates your communication feedback into tangible bottom-line metrics.

Measure the impact of your team’s time savings and efficiency.

Up-Level Your Team’s Communication

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AI-Powered Writing Suggestions

Empower your team to write clearly and correctly with instantaneous writing suggestions.
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Fluency Support

Help team members of all language backgrounds write clearly and fluently.
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Custom Style Guides

Set up custom writing style guidance for individual teams or your whole company.
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Brand Tones

Create brand-forward communication easily with real-time brand tone feedback.
Time saving

Time-Saving Shortcuts

Save snippets of text to use again and again, and access them with a couple of keystrokes.
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Team Analytics Dashboard

Measure progress and identify improvement areas for your team.

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