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Work Anniversary Message: 15 Examples

Updated on April 4, 2023Professionals

We’ve all been there: that moment when a card to sign for your coworker lands on your desk; when you’re put on the spot to make a speech at a work event; when you’re in a virtual office-wide meeting and realize it’s your colleague’s anniversary.

If you need help congratulating your coworker on their work anniversary, you’re in the right place. These messages are a way of commemorating the date they were hired and may include a kind note about what they’ve accomplished or your professional relationship. But writing notes like these can be challenging. We rounded up the fifteen best work anniversary message examples to help you spell out your own message.

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What is a work anniversary message?

A work anniversary message is a short communication congratulating a coworker on the anniversary of their hire date. These simple well-wishes celebrate an employee for their dedication, hard work, or loyalty to the company. These sayings can be written inside anniversary cards, sent as emails, or spoken aloud.

15 work anniversary message examples

Whether you’re celebrating a newer employee or saying farewell to a colleague who’s been around for a long time, we’ve gathered the best work anniversary message examples for you.

Celebratory work anniversary message

1 Congratulations on your work anniversary! It’s a special day to celebrate your great work and dedication to your job over the years. We appreciate all that you’ve done and wish you all the best for many more successful years to come!

General work anniversary messages

2 It’s hard to believe it’s been [X] years already! Wishing you a happy work anniversary.

3 Time flies when you’re doing great work! Congratulations on [X] years of success.

4 Wishing you the best on your work anniversary! Here’s to [X] years of collaboration and accomplishments.

Anniversary messages for a hard worker

5 Here’s to [X] years of dedication and hard work! Wishing you a happy work anniversary.

6 Happy work-iversary! You’re an incredible team member, and we’re grateful for your hard work and dedication over the years.

7 Here’s to another year of creative and thoughtful work. Happy work anniversary!

Work anniversary messages for long-term employees

8 Congratulations on your work anniversary! It’s a pleasure to work with you every day, and I look forward to all the next year will bring.

9 It’s hard to believe it’s been [X] years already! Wishing you a great work anniversary.

10 [X] years of excellence! Congratulations on your work anniversary.

Formal work anniversary messages

11 You’ve been an invaluable part of our team for [X] years and counting. Congratulations on your work anniversary.

12 It’s been an honor to share in your achievements. Congratulations and best wishes.

Coworker and friend work anniversary messages

13 Thanks for being a wonderful coworker and friend. You make going to work fun, and I appreciate all you bring to the team. Happy work anniversary!

14 Is it really work if you get to laugh this much? Thanks for being a great colleague and friend. I’m lucky to work with you every day.

Detailed work anniversary message

15 Happy work anniversary, [name]!

On this special day, we want to take a moment to celebrate you and your journey with our team. It’s been a pleasure having you on board, and we’re grateful for the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm you bring to your projects and our company.

Here’s a trip down memory lane, looking back at some of your amazing achievements:

  • You took the lead on [X] project.
  • Your creativity and innovative ideas have consistently contributed to our team’s success and improved our work process.
  • Your commitment to the company’s values is inspiring, and you have continued to foster an environment of positivity and collaboration.

Here’s to another year of success!

Recognize the contributions of your coworker

Whether they’re seasoned or early in their career, your colleague is worth celebrating. The number one thing to remember when you write messages like these in the workplace is to keep them professional. They should be sincere, direct, and personalized. Focus on your coworker’s achievements, dedication, and the impact they’ve made on the team or company.

By celebrating your colleague’s work anniversary, you show appreciation for their contributions and strengthen bonds within the team. Work anniversary messages foster a positive work environment. So the next time a coworker celebrates a work anniversary milestone, make sure to send along a heartfelt message to let them know how much they’re valued.

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