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How to Write a Heartfelt Wedding Card Message

Updated on September 11, 2023Writing Tips

When you’re writing a wedding card message, the key is to express your genuine best wishes for the couple. But there’s a fine line between repeating wedding clichés and writing something that will warm the couple’s hearts with sincerity and affection.

With your card picked out and your pen at the ready, here are some pointers for writing a wedding card message that any couple would appreciate.

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What is a wedding card message?

A wedding card message is a personal note for the soon-to-be married couple or newlyweds that comes from the heart and shares your congratulations. It should convey your best wishes for their future and express your support and love as they begin the next chapter in their relationship.

Wedding cards are traditionally given to the couple at the reception after they have already said their vows. A card can also be mailed to the couple close to the date of the ceremony. It’s fine to send a card regardless of whether they have a big wedding ceremony, merely sign papers at city hall, or elope.

In your message, express your congratulations, compliment their relationship, and share any (concise) advice you may have for their future. Don’t forget to end with a warm closing.

What should you write in a wedding card?

As you write your letter, feel free to customize the wedding card message to reflect your relationship with the couple and the tone you’re aiming for, whether it’s melodramatic, funny, touching, or somewhere in between.

Here are some elements that are typically found in wedding card messages:

  • Congratulations: It’s a good idea to kick off your message with your warmest congratulations to the couple. This will create a positive and celebratory tone from the start.
  • Personal touch: Use the next few lines to offer a personalized wedding wish and make the note more meaningful. You can reminisce about experiences you’ve shared with the couple, bring to life a fond memory, or mention something that’s unique to your friendship.
  • Compliments: A compliment (or two) about the couple’s love for each other, the wedding ceremony, or some other elements of their relationship is one way to make the card feel special. This shows that you know how much led up to their big day and conveys your appreciation.
  • Well wishes: The most unavoidable, and potentially clichéd, part of a wedding card message is your wishes for the couple’s life together. Here, you can mention your hopes for them, be it adventures, a fulfilling marriage, or being invited to their epic game nights.
  • Quote or advice: If you’ve been married for a while or have wisdom to impart, it’s common to offer tried-and-true advice to the couple. Keep it positive and encouraging! You can also include a meaningful quote or poem about marriage that you think will resonate.
  • Thank you/closing: The end of your message should express your thanks to the couple for being part of their big day or for being their friends, and sign off with a warm closing.

Examples of wedding card messages

Do you have a specific tone in mind for your wedding card message? Here are several types of wedding card messages, in a variety of styles.


If the card is for a close friend or family member, you can keep it lighthearted and humorous—though you’ll want to mix in some sentimental words as well for balance. Include personal jokes, funny memories, and informal language that will make the couple smile.

Congratulations and cheers to our future together! I’m so happy to join you as your honeymoon photographer and guest room tester. We make a great team! All jokes aside, you two are the best, and I’m very lucky to know you and to have you in my life. Looking forward to all the fun to come!


If you’re aiming for sincerity, a heartfelt wedding card message should express your genuine emotions and warm wishes for the couple. Include thoughtful words about their love for each other and share your earnest joy.

A lyric in a famous song says, “All you need is love,” but I’d argue you need more to make a relationship work, and you two have it. I appreciate the way you communicate with each other, set differences aside, and are generous with your affection and empathy. I’ll never forget the time [share a memorable moment where you witnessed the couple’s love]. May your best years be yet to come.


A formal tone is appropriate if you don’t have the closest relationship with the couple, for instance if they’re colleagues or distant relatives. Formal messages should be simple, timeless, and traditional.

With warmest wishes on your wedding day, I hope your love continues to grow from strength to strength and your life together is filled with happiness, adventure, and companionship.


If a casual and relaxed message is more your style, you can keep your note short and sweet. Just make sure your personality still comes through and the message still comes from the heart.

Congrats on saying “I do!” Your wedding was delightful and SO fun, just like the two of you. Here’s to a marriage filled with thrills and plenty of adventure.

Wedding card message tips

Just like giving a wedding toast, composing the perfect wedding card message can be tough to get right. Here are some additional tips to help you breeze through the writing process:

  • Make it genuine: It’s critical to avoid clichés in your wedding card, so make sure your message is authentic to your relationship with the couple. By expressing your genuine happiness and mentioning your support for them, your note will read as sincere instead of perfunctory.
  • Keep it brief: Your card should be a card, not an essay. Remember that the couple has a lot of cards to read and reply to, so they’ll appreciate it if yours is concise.
  • Be appropriate: It’s important to gauge what type of message is appropriate based on the nature of your friendship or relationship with the couple. For instance, a distant relative may not appreciate your tongue-in-cheek “wisdom” about marriage being a slog. When in doubt, avoid anything that could be taken the wrong way or read as hollow.

Wedding card message FAQs

What should you include in a wedding card message?

A wedding card message should convey your best wishes, congratulations, and support for the couple. It is an opportunity to express your joy for their union and share your heartfelt happiness.

What are some types of wedding card messages?

There are many different types of wedding card messages, including formal, casual, heartfelt, and humorous. Messages can include quotes, lines from poems, blessings, advice, and even religious sentiments.

What are some tips for writing a wedding card message?

Some helpful tips as you sit down to write your message include making sure your words are genuine, keeping it short and sweet, and knowing what’s appropriate.

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