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4 Easy Ways to Polish Your Writing Right Now

Updated on June 7, 2018Writing Tips

If you communicate through writing every day, be it through email, text, or a long-form essay, you probably know there’s some room for improvement. We all have a problem area, whether it’s secretly using guesswork with commas or falling back on the same phrases. Grammarly can help you with your spelling and basic grammar errors, but Grammarly Premium offers help that goes beyond the basics. Here are four ways it can help you streamline your writing.

1 Repetitive words

If you’ve got a habit of using the same four words or phrases in every work email, Grammarly can offer suggestions for how to switch it up. If you keep saying you’d “like” to do something, the product will catch it and suggest alternate wording. This adds variety to your text, which will keep readers from skipping over the things you write.

I’d like to ask you if you’d like to come by on Thursday.
I’d like to ask you if you’d want to come by on Thursday.

Here’s a tip: Grammarly Premium offers advanced feedback on word choice, sentence structure, writing style, wordiness, and more. Learn More 

2 Sentence fragments

When we write hastily, we can end up accidentally writing sentences that are actually incomplete. Missing a noun or an object of a verb happens to the best of us. Grammarly Premium finds those sentence fragments so you can build them out into full thoughts.

Staring at the sky.
Spend some time staring at the sky.

3 Slang and overformality

Catering to your audience is hard. The way you write to your best friend is different from the way you write to colleagues. With Grammarly Premium you can identify your intended audience, so you’ll be alerted to language that’s too colloquial or formal for your reader. This way you won’t include a casual contraction in your research paper or accidentally call your boss “dude” in an email.

Hey, dude, are you ready for tomorrow’s meeting?
Hello Jeff, are you ready for tomorrow’s meeting?

4 Wordiness

It’s difficult to determine which words are essential and which can be cut. If you include too many, Grammarly Premium can help you get rid of redundant words and phrases to help you tighten up your writing.

Let’s set a meeting for tomorrow at 10 a.m. in the morning.
Let’s set a meeting for tomorrow at 10 a.m.

You already write every day. If you think about what you write, let Grammarly Premium be your partner.  

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