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How to Write the Perfect Love Letter for Valentine’s Day

Updated on February 13, 2020Writing Tips

Flowers, chocolates, and bacon are great, but if you really want to delight your significant other this Valentine’s Day, why not try your hand at writing a love letter?

We checked in with Love Coach and fairy godmother Renée Suzanne on why writing a love letter is so special. According to Renée:

You don’t have to be a literary genius. Just the fact that you’re taking the time to sit down and grab a pen and paper and actually write a love letter—that’s a huge romantic statement of what you think of that other person and how much regard you have for them.

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Love letters may be a dying art in the digital age, but there’s a reason they’ve been around for millenia. The level of time, care, and personalization they require makes them incredibly meaningful to both give and receive.

Plus, unlike a text message or a snap, they’re a physical keepsake. Here’s what Renée added on the topic:

A love letter is a tangible item—you can see a person’s handwriting, the paper they selected. You can hold it in your hand. It’s a physical reminder of that person and their feelings for you.

Are you ready to show your romantic partner how much they mean to you? Here are our no-fail tips for writing a love letter that your partner will cherish for years to come.

1 Plan It Out

You know the adage—“write first, edit later.” Sitting down to write a love letter can feel intimidating. Instead of trying to write your letter from start to finish in one go, give yourself some time.

Start by brainstorming and writing out what you’ll want to include. Don’t worry about finding the perfect words (yet), just let out all your thoughts and ideas.

2 Know Thy Audience!

Writing a love letter is a very personal and intimate thing. The content, tone, and how you deliver your message will depend on its recipient.

Will your significant other most appreciate a sweet note written in a funny greeting card or a five-page declaration of your love penned on beautiful stationery?

A handwritten letter is traditional, but if you truly think your partner really would be happier receiving your message in an email, or through Facebook, or written in icing on a cake, then by all means go for it.

Here’s a tip: If your handwriting is completely indecipherable, type your letter on your computer or tablet. Choose an attractive font and print your letter on nice paper.

What to Include in Your Love Letter

Not sure how to structure your letter? Check out the template below for inspiration. (Because repeating the words “I love you” for five pages is going to feel a little redundant.)

Follow this order, mix things up a bit, or pick two or three items to focus on. Find what feels genuine and flows best for your love letter!

1 Your reason for writing the letter

Set the tone by saying why you’re writing the letter. This could be as simple as “Just thinking of you,” to weightier declarations like “I’m so thankful you’re in my life and want to make sure you know just how amazing you are and how much you mean to me.”

2 What you love about your partner

Love Coach Renée Suzanne recommends focusing on the unique things you love about your partner.

Everyone likes to know that they’re attractive and beautiful, but what makes this person unique?

Does she have a beautiful voice? Do her eyes sparkle when she laughs? Do you love the way he puts his arms around you and holds you when you’ve had a bad day?

My husband finds the most endearing things to say to me. He notices things about me that I don’t think anyone else does!

3 Your favorite memories of your partner

Reminisce about some of your favorite memories together. These could be moments that were significant for you as a couple, like your first date or the day you got engaged.

Or they could be those little everyday things that you cherish but seldom mention, like the sweet way she smiles and yawns at you in the morning as you wake up. Or the silly inside jokes that only the two of you share.

4 Your partner’s impact on your life

How has your partner helped you to grow and change and become a better version of yourself? What about them are you thankful for?

Are they your rock, your cheerleader, your support? Do they push you and inspire you?

5 A sweet ending

You can end with a simple sign-off like “All my love,” or a lengthier declaration of your love, devotion, and hopes for the future—“Every day I marvel at how lucky I am to have found my soulmate. I can’t wait to grow old with you, my love!”

What’s your favorite way to show your significant other that you love them?

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