Check Your Answers for Grammar Skills Test—Master

Updated on 4 March 2016

So, you want to know what your English grammar level is? You’ve come to the right place. This post will cover the answers and additional learning resources for “Grammar Skills Test—Master.” The Master test covers reported speech, conditionals, prepositions, tenses, adverbs vs. adjectives, the irrealis mood, and restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses.

Correct answers are highlighted. Links go to additional learning resources to help you continue improving.

Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences:

1 If you wait a minute . . .

  • I’d go with you.
  • I’d have gone with you.
  • I will go with you.

Subject(s) Tested: Conditionals

2 All my life, . . .

  • I’ve loved going to the movies.
  • I loved going to the movies.
  • I have loved to go to the movies.

Subject(s) Tested: Past perfect form

3 ___________ Richard, I believe he has finally made a decision.

  • Having spoken to
  • Speaking to
  • Had spoken to

Subject(s) Tested: Past perfect form, Introductory clauses

4It was really nice ___ you to invite me.

  • for
  • of
  • with
  • to

Subject(s) Tested: Prepositions

5Tom said, “I want to visit my friends this weekend.” What did Tom say?

  • Tom said he wants to visit his friends that weekend.
  • Tom said he wants to visit his friends this weekend.
  • Tom said he wanted to visit his friends that weekend.

Subject(s) Tested: Reported speech

6The class is ___ loud today.

  • terrible
  • terribly

Subject(s) Tested:

Two-minute Grammar: The Bare-bones Basics of Adjectives and Adverbs

7I didn’t understand at first, but then ___ and the answer was clear.

  • he explained it to me
  • he explained me
  • he explained it me
  • he explained me it

Subject(s) Tested: Word order

8 He used to be married to an actress, ____.

  • wasn’t he?
  • didn’t he?

Subject(s) Tested: Word choice and idiomatic language

9 Which word is the direct object?

“He gave his coat to Jane.”

  • Jane
  • coat
  • his

Subject(s) Tested: Direct object

10Which sentence is most natural?

  • At this time tomorrow, I take my driving test.
  • At this time tomorrow, I will be taking my driving test.
  • At this time tomorrow, I will take my driving test.

Subject(s) Tested: Future continuous tense

11Which sentence is correct?

  • The woman was arrested and charged with murder.
  • The woman was arrested and charged because of murder.
  • The woman was arrested and charged for murder.

Subject(s) Tested: Prepositions

12They would have found out if you ___ them.

  • wouldn’t have told
  • hadn’t told
  • haven’t told
  • didn’t tell

Subject(s) Tested: Verb conjugation, conditionals

13If I _______ a cat, I’d lie in the sun all day.

  • were
  • was

Subject(s) Tested: Irrealis (subjunctive) mood

14What type of phrase is “which is about 20 years old”?:

“My car, which is about 20 years old, still runs remarkably well.”

  • nonrestrictive
  • restrictive

Subject(s) Tested: Restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses

15What kind of error is in this sentence?

“He make me laugh.”

  • subject-verb disagreement
  • pronoun-antecedent disagreement
  • incorrect word order
  • tense error

Subject(s) Tested: Subject-verb agreement

Learn more: Reported speech Past perfect form Adjectives and adverbs Future continuous tense Prepositions Verb conjugation Conditionals Irrealis (subjunctive) mood Restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses

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