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I've just run into another snag while trying to complete my document. There is a section that talks about one of our products and the section reads it's color is a light steel grey. I'm not an expert but shouldn't this read its? I would think since it is in our document that makes it right but I'm not totally sure. I want to be positive that I have the right answer before I go to my boss to change it if it is incorrect. I'm not sure if it's or its shows ownership or not or if it is something used to detail an item. Does anyone know the difference between it's and its in American english? Thanks!

its useage asked Aug 21 '13 at 03:38 Simon Huntington New member

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Hi, Simon,


"It's" is never used for possession. Whereas in most other circumstances you use the apostrophe (I am answering Simon's question), the word "it" is an exception because the possessive form "its" does NOT use an apostrophe.


The easy way for me to remember is that "it's" means "it is" - so if the sentence makes sense when you substitute "it is" for "it's", then you use the apostrophe.  You would not say "it is color a light steel gray", so "its" is the proper form.

link answered Aug 22 '13 at 20:10 Jim N. New member


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