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9 Powerful Writing Apps for Any Type of Writing Project

Updated on October 16, 2020Writing Tips
Writing Apps for Any Project

When you’re starting a new writing project, it’s sometimes helpful to rethink the writing apps in your toolbox.

Even if you’re a pen-on-paper writer for the first draft, you’ll have to translate your writing to a digital format at some point in the process. Here are a few writing apps to help you, broken out by the type of project you might be working on.

3 Great Online Writing Apps

1 Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing assistant. We provide clear, constructive writing suggestions that work where you work, enabling better understanding between people. Our products can help you with grammar, spelling, punctuation, conciseness, clarity, readability, and more.

Where to use it:

Write with confidence.
Real-time writing feedback, wherever you need it.
An email draft that reads: We'll deliver the signed contact on Monday April 2. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Alice or myself. The user clicks on Grammarly suggestions to change contact to contract, add a comma after Monday, and replace myself with me.

2 Evernote Web

Evernote is a platform that allows you to take all kinds of notes. It’s also a great place to start writing if you’d like a clean, easily-accessible interface. Using Evernote also can help you stay organized so you can juggle and locate multiple writing projects at once.

Where to use it:

3 Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format documents and work with other people. As a writing app, it’s helpful when you’d like to collaborate with someone else on a writing project, like an editor or co-author.

Where to use it:

4 Draft

Draft is an online writing app that combines collaboration and editing features. Its version control features are helpful for keeping track of your changes, and it can work with other online writing apps.

Where to use it:

Here’s a tip: Did you know Grammarly’s Google Chrome extension works with the four writing apps listed below? Try it out and let us know what you think!

The convenient way to improve your writing.
Grammarly helps you wherever you write.

2 Helpful Blogging Apps

1 Medium

Medium allows you to share your stories and ideas with the world. It is both the home of several well-known publications and a great place to publish your writing if you’re interested in making your perspectives and experiences available to a wider audience.

Where to use it:

2 helps you start a blog or build a website in seconds without any technical knowledge. The software it’s based on (confusingly named, powers 32% of the Internet, so it’s a very popular blogging platform. With WordPress, you can create custom blogs easily and share them on a custom website of your choosing.

Where to use it:

Here’s a tip: Did you know Grammarly’s Google Chrome extension works with both of these blogging apps? Try it out and let us know what you think!

Want to hone your vocabulary?
Grammarly can help with that.

4 Distraction-Free Writing Apps

For some projects, you need a space to type out the first draft, without the temptation of social media, notifications, and other online distractors. There are several writing apps that offer you the ability to write in peace, but here are a few of our favorites.

1 Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely-known word processors. But did you know that it can also be used for focused writing? Using “focus mode,” you can hide Word’s toolbars, allowing for minimal distractions.

Where to use it: Desktop app for Mac

Here’s a tip: Did you know that Grammarly works with Microsoft Office on Windows devices? You can learn more about how to add Grammarly to Microsoft Office here.

2 WriteRoom

WriteRoom is a distraction-free environment for Mac. It promotes a full-screen environment that allows Mac users to “focus on writing.”

Where to use it: Desktop app for Mac

3 iA Writer

iA Writer removes distractions, giving you a calm, focused writing space. Their focused writing environment is available on desktop and mobile devices.

Where to use it: Desktop and mobile writing apps

4 Grammarly Desktop Apps for Mac and Windows

Grammarly’s desktop applications for Mac and Windows allow you to write what you mean, without distraction. You can either view helpful writing suggestions on everything from punctuation to tone, or you can hide them and keep typing your draft.

Where to use it: Desktop apps for Mac and Windows

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