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Synonyms for “Because”

Updated on August 4, 2023Grammar

In the English language, some words are meant to stand out. Serendipity. Supine. Spaghettification. Other words are simply there to help you move from one idea to the next. Because is one of those words.

Because is a conjunction used to show cause and effect by linking an event, situation, or action with its reason. It is such a common word that we rarely ever pause to think about whether it’s the best way to say something, but knowing synonyms for because will help you avoid repetition, improve your clarity, and broaden your vocabulary.

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What does because mean?

Because means for the reason that or since. It’s in a group of words called conjunctions, which link phrases or clauses together. Without conjunctions, the English language would sound like it was created by a bunch of robots.

Without conjunctions:

I am hungry. I am tired. I will sit down. I will eat.

With conjunctions:

I am tired and hungry, so I will sit down and eat.

Because is a subordinating conjunction, which means it links a dependent clause with an independent clause. In other words, one part of the sentence adds information or context to the other part.

I need to sit down and eat because I’m tired and hungry.

Because is the reason why an action was taken or a situation occurred.

Synonyms for because

  • As: He couldn’t concentrate on his studies, as he was feeling unwell.
  • As a result of: As a result of the traffic jam, they arrived late to the concert.
  • Considering: Considering that it was his first attempt, he performed remarkably well in the archery competition.
  • Due to: The match was canceled due to heavy rain.
  • For: He apologized profusely, for he hadn’t meant to offend anyone.
  • Given that: Given that he had no experience, he was hesitant to take on the leadership role.
  • In light of: In light of the unstable snow conditions, the ski resort decided to close the mountain until they could be sure it was safe.
  • In view of: In view of the circumstances, the project deadline was extended.
  • On account of: On account of his exceptional leadership skills, he was chosen as the team captain.
  • Owing to: When they received the promotion, their boss said that it was owing to their creative problem-solving.
  • Since: She couldn’t attend the party since she had a prior engagement.
  • Thanks to: Thanks to her dedication, the project was completed ahead of schedule.

Notice that many of these sentences use commas to separate clauses. We’ve written elsewhere about whether or not to place a comma before because. If you’re still not sure, plug the sentence into our grammar check!

Why is it important to use alternative words?

Avoiding repetition: Using the same word repeatedly in a piece of writing can make it monotonous. Any parent who has engaged with the relentless questioning of a child—why? But why? But why?—can attest to the frustration of repetition. Because I said so! Occasionally replacing because with a synonym will keep your reader interested.

Enhancing clarity: Sometimes, a particular word might not fully capture the intended meaning. For example, in corporate world, memos are more likely to use phrases like in light of and on account of rather than because. In these circumstances, because can seem a little bit flat and harsh.

For example, “We’re extending the deadline because you failed to meet it” is more condemning than “In light of recent events, we’re extending the project’s deadline.”

Knowing when to use synonyms can help you express your message with more clarity and nuance.

Expanding vocabulary: To put it simply, knowing synonyms means you know more words. Learning alternatives can help you expand your vocabulary and improve your language skills, making you a more effective communicator.

Synonyms for because FAQs

What does because mean?

Because is a conjunction that connects to phrases and means “for the reason that.”

What are other ways to say because?

There are many other ways to say because. Some easy one-word alternatives are since, for, considering, and as.

Why is it important to use alternative words in your writing?

Using alternatives is important because it helps you avoid repetition, state your message more clearly, alter your tone, and expand your vocabulary.

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