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How Do You Spell “Receipts”? Tips for Getting It Right

Updated on August 10, 2023Grammar

Receipts can be a tricky word to spell. You might find yourself wondering, “Is it receipts or reciepts?” In this article, we provide a complete resource for anyone searching for information on how to spell this word and offer tips on how to get it right every time.

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What does receipt mean?

A receipt is a written or printed statement that shows proof of payment or purchase; receipts is the plural form of the noun receipt. Receipts is pronounced ri-seets, and you may wonder, “Why is there a silent p?” The silent p in receipts comes from the word’s Latin origin, recipere, meaning to receive.

In popular culture, the word receipts has taken on a new meaning. Today, it’s often used in the context of demanding evidence to support a claim or accusation. When someone says, “Show me the receipts,” they are essentially asking for concrete proof or evidence to support what has been said.

Remember how to spell receipts

Here are four tips for remembering how to spell receipts correctly:

  1. Remember the unusual silent p in the word.
  2. Don’t forget this spelling rule: i before e, except after c.”
  3. Associate the word with another memory or image to help remember the spelling—for example, think of how odd you’d sound if you tried to pronounce the p when saying receipts.
  4. Break the word down into smaller parts (re-ceipts) to keep the letters in order.

Receipt vs. recipe

Receipt and recipe are often confused, but they have different meanings. A receipt is a proof of payment or purchase. A recipe is a set of instructions for preparing food or a drink.

Examples of receipts in a sentence

  • I need a receipt for these purchases.
  • She lost her receipts and couldn’t return the items.
  • The cashier handed me the receipt after I paid.
  • I always keep my receipts in a folder for tax purposes.
  • He crumpled up the receipt and threw it away.

Receipts FAQs

What are receipts?

Receipts are written or printed statements that show proof of payment or purchase. In popular culture, receipts can also mean evidence to support a claim or accusation.

How do you spell and pronounce receipts?

Receipts is spelled r-e-c-e-i-p-t-s and pronounced ri-seets.

How do you remember how to spell receipts?

You can remember how to spell receipts with these tips:

  • Keep in mind the silent p.
  • Remember this spelling rule: “i before e, except after c.”
  • Associate the word with a memory or image.
  • Break the word down into smaller parts.


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