Say What?! Meet the Interrobang.

Say What?! Meet the Interrobang.

Few punctuation marks have as exciting a name as the interrobang. But what does the interrobang do?

The interrobang combines the question mark (?) and the exclamation point (!) into a single punctuation mark. It conveys a question asked in an excited way. For example:

Are you really coming over to my house on Friday
You can’t be serious! You’ve never seen an episode of Friends
He said what

Although writers have used punctuation marks in combination in their writing for years, the interrobang was officially created by advertising executive Martin Speckter in 1962.

Many typefaces don’t include the interrobang with the superimposed question mark and exclamation point. However, you can get the same interrobang point across using the two marks next to each other like this: ?!

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