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President Obama and Comedians Dominate Top 5 for Grammar on Twitter, Grammarly Research Finds

Updated on January 14, 2021Grammar

Thinking about the quality of writing in social media is usually enough to make English teachers the world over weep. But, it’s not all bad and it’s about time to celebrate some of the more grammar-conscious writers on social networks. This year, in honor of National Grammar Day on March 4, we decided to find social media’s celebrity grammar hero.

After analyzing the tweets of the top fifty celebrities by size of follower base, Conan O’Brien comes out on top as our #GrammarDay champion. O’Brien averages just 0.21 mistakes per 100 words. But he’s in good company with his fellow comedians—Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon also made the top five with 0.29 and 0.3 errors per 100 words, respectively.

Our top ten grammar heroes are a pretty diverse bunch that includes tech tycoons, comedians, international politicians, pop stars, and reality television stars.

We also found that politicians, as a group, have the best grammar on average at 0.6 mistakes per 100 words, with President Obama leading the category. Reality TV stars come in second with 1.59 errors per 100 words, with Khloé Kardashian leading the category. Nicki Minaj has the best grammar of hip-hop and rap artists, who, as a group, outperform pop stars by about 31 percent.

National Grammar Day Celebrity Writing MVPs Infographic

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Are you curious about how you stack up? Find your celebrity grammar twin with our Grammar Hero Personality Quiz!

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