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Introducing Grammarly for Windows and Mac

Updated on November 15, 2021Product

When you think about writing on your computer, your mind might immediately think of email. But the reality is we spend time writing in many, many programs and apps, whether we’re crafting the sharpest tweet, finessing a history paper, or sharing a company update. We might be completing forms in web browsers, messaging friends on chat platforms, collaborating with colleagues in productivity tools, interacting with customers by email . . . the list goes on. So how do you ensure that everything you write, wherever you write it, is not only correct and clear, but also has that extra spark and polish? 

Enter Grammarly for Windows and Mac—our new desktop application that works where you do. Use it in your browser and on many of your favorite desktop apps including Microsoft Office, Slack, Discord, and all the other places you spend time working (or playing!). 

Get Grammarly for your desktop
Write confidently across desktop apps and websites

With our new desktop app, Grammarly becomes your go-to writing companion wherever you type. Similarly, teams using Grammarly Business are better able to ensure their communication is professional and on-brand. Our real-time writing suggestions help you become a more effective communicator and achieve your goals, whether you’re writing an essay, presentation, collaborative document, or customer-facing email. Unlike most apps’ built-in spell checkers, Grammarly goes well beyond spelling and grammar basics to point out sentences that are unclear, suggest stronger word choices, help you keep your tone consistent, and more. 

What will you write with Grammarly’s new all-in-one desktop app?

More professional presentations

Preparation and polish are the keys to a strong, professional-looking presentation. Once your research is done, Grammarly can help when you’re putting the information together for your audience. It’s not just a second set of eyes to help you clean up spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues. It also helps you communicate more concisely—an important aspect of presentation slides and pitch decks. Additionally, Grammarly helps you rewrite wordy phrases and unclear sentences to help you make your points effectively. This amounts to being all the more confident in the content of your presentation and connecting with your audience.

Try it out in: Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Sheets, Canva

Clearer emails, messages, and chats

As more communication goes virtual, the number of emails and messages we send each day keeps increasing. Writing emails may not be your favorite task, but Grammarly can help. Same goes for answering chat messages! As you write, you’ll see real-time suggestions that help you clarify your wording and flag phrases that may not come across the way you intend. It can help you adjust your tone to sound friendlier, more confident, or whatever the situation calls for. This built-in writing feedback is critical to communicating effectively and efficiently when in-person conversation isn’t an option.

Try it out in: Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, LinkedIn, Slack, Discord

A Slack screen with the user accepting Grammarly's suggestions to sound more confident. Original message: Same! I think we should discuss next steps tomorrow. Revised message: Same! Let's discuss next steps tomorrow.

More effective papers and documents

Whether you’re working on an essay for school, an executive proposal, or your memoir, long-form writing comes with its own set of challenges. Grammarly’s feedback on writing mechanics like spelling, grammar, and punctuation goes beyond the built-in suggestions from your word processor. In addition to helping you rewrite unclear sentences, Grammarly also helps you find the perfect words to express yourself by offering replacements for bland and overused vocabularyhelping your writing stand out.

A dash of confidence for all your work

Sometimes, writing is just a part of getting the job done. Use Grammarly for Windows and Mac with a Grammarly Business plan to uplevel your work. With custom style guides to help you stay on-brand, text snippet shortcuts to make you more productive, and tone guidance to keep your customers happy, you can be confident that you (and your team) will always come across polished and professional. 

Try it out in: Jira, Zendesk

Your writing, at its best.
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