For enterprise teams, balancing communication speed and quality across digital channels is a challenge—and tradeoffs can lead to customer trust breaking down. As Gartner reported in its 2019 Brand Trust survey, 81% of customers refuse to do business with a brand they don’t trust. No business should have to incur that tradeoff risk.

Now, with brand tones from Grammarly Business, you can feel confident in earning and maintaining customer trust across all your company’s work. Help your team move quickly while representing your company well by turning your organization’s brand voice into a tone profile. Grammarly is the only writing assistant to help entire teams and organizations stay on-brand with consistent communication using brand tones.

With brand tones, every team member can achieve pitch-perfect customer-facing communication. In beta, enterprise teams using brand tones saw their communication become on average 40% more on-brand. 

How brand tones work

As marketing teams can attest, tone is abstract and hard to train for. But with a brand tone profile, every team member can give the right impression confidently and consistently. Account owners and contributors can also educate users on brand tones with written explanations about why to use specific tones and avoid others. In our beta program, enterprise teams using brand tones saw their communication become on average 40% more on-brand.

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Here’s how brand tones work:

  • Tone profiles: Choose from more than 50 tones to develop your profile with on-brand tones (like “optimistic” and “friendly”) and off-brand tones (like “accusatory” or “dismissive”). 
  • Real-time feedback: Team members receive automatic feedback to guide them toward better, more on-brand writing—including positive reinforcement when they get a tone just right.
  • Fast, intuitive setup: Setting up your organization’s brand tones takes less than a minute for teams already using Grammarly Business.

Preview the brand tones setup wizard

Setting up brand tones is fast and easy. Simply answer a handful of questions, selecting sample phrases that most closely match your desired brand tones. After completing these questions, you’ll receive a recommended tone profile built from your selections. Then you can further customize your tones by quickly adding and removing tone groups.

In just a few minutes, your team will have an enterprise-level brand tone profile that gives all team members the feedback they need to communicate consistently and appropriately.

“With brand tones from Grammarly Business, our entire team can stay on-brand in conveying the right level of confidence,” said Miguel Enriquez, Chief Administrative Officer at Enshored, the premier outsourcer for startups. “By enhancing both the speed and quality of our communications, Grammarly Business helps us elevate our level of service while staying competitive in a fast-evolving market.” 

Every marketer gets personalized writing feedback with brand tones

Most marketing teams are responsible for crafting assets that impact customer experience, from paid ads and landing pages to email campaigns and social media posts. But too often, editing and brand review processes create bottlenecks (so much so that some teams skip that step altogether or pay opportunity costs with long approval cycles). 

With brand tones, every marketer gets personalized coaching to help them nail the nuances of brand voice. Marketers can deliver higher-quality, on-brand content faster. Plus, new team members (including those who may not primarily consider themselves to be writers) onboard quickly with brand tone feedback, getting suggestions when language is off-brand or affirmative feedback when they hit the mark. 

Brand tones help customer support teams use the right tone in challenging communications

Customer support teams deal with some of a company’s most sensitive communications. Hitting the right tone in every situation, with every customer, is challenging for even the most seasoned professionals, let alone new agents who must onboard quickly. Often, customer support complaints don’t stem from the message itself but rather from the tone used when communicating messages.

Whether the circumstances call for a “formal’ and “neutral” approach or more “informal” and “excited” message, brand tones coach eager new agents (and veterans having a tough day) when they venture into off-brand territory. Agents feel more supported in their work, reducing churn, improving engagement, and building more trust with customers.

Help every sales rep strike the right tone

Sales reps spend a significant amount of time writing emails, proposals, and other customer-facing collateral. It’s not unusual for sales teams to work independently from brand or marketing teams. As a result, communicating in the same unified brand voice can be hit and miss.

But speed for salespeople is a must. Every minute a sales rep spends writing is a minute not spent in direct relationship with customers. More time writing means less time selling. With brand tones, every sales rep can get immediate feedback on how well their proposals, emails, and other communications measure up to your company’s customized tone profile. This real-time guidance, right at your sales teams’ fingertips, helps reduce their writing and editing time while connecting them to prospects and customers in just the right voice. 

Brand tones are just one way Grammarly is doubling down on enterprise investments for teams

With new brand tones, snippets, multiple style guides, and analytics, Grammarly is the first and only writing assistant to help entire teams and organizations improve productivity while staying on-brand with consistent communication. With 30,000 teams at leading brands such as Cisco, Expedia, and HackerOne trusting Grammarly Business, we’re gratified to see effective communication is at the core of high-performing teams—it’s what propels businesses forward to achieve their goals.

Learn more about our latest features for enterprise organizations, and contact us today to request a demo or upgrade your team.

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