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Send Emails With Confidence: 3 Ways Grammarly Improves Your Emails

Updated on February 27, 2023Product

Writing clear and professional emails can improve how competent you appear in the eyes of your colleagues, clients, or managers. However, this means emails can often be a source of anxiety and insecurity, especially because you can’t clarify a mistaken word or sentiment, read the recipient’s reaction in real time, or rework the email after you hit send.

Fortunately, Grammarly can help you write your work emails with confidence. Eliminate typos, rewrite confusing sentences, and land the tone of your message so you never have to second-guess yourself once you’ve hit send.

Give your writing extra polish
Grammarly helps you communicate confidently

Knock out grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes

Have you ever sent an email only to immediately realize that you included a typo, used incorrect grammar, or forgot to add crucial punctuation? These types of mistakes happen to every professional as we try to keep up with a constant stream of emails. We often find ourselves quickly typing a response as we multitask or squeezing in a reply during the brief breaks in between meetings. In both scenarios, it’s easy to be distracted and to make mistakes.

Punctuationgrammar, and spelling mistakes can prevent our emails from appearing polished and professional. Fortunately, Grammarly flags and helps you fix these types of mistakes in just a few seconds.

Example: We have less resources now and I hope this won’t effect our launch plans too much.

Suggestion: We have fewer resources, and I hope this won’t affect our launch plans too much.

Missing commas, less vs. fewer, and affect vs. effect are common grammar and spelling mistakes. Grammarly identifies and helps you fix errors like these, so you feel confident sending your email.

Smooth your syntax with full-sentence rewrites

One of the main challenges of writing emails at work is finding the right balance between being concise and adequately conveying your message. Long, complicated sentences can be confusing or may prompt people to skip or skim your email. This, in turn, can lead to misunderstandings and time-consuming back-and-forths with colleagues or clients.

Of course, writing clearly isn’t as simple as it sounds. While something might make sense in our head, it doesn’t always come across the same way when we write it down. And it’s even more challenging to convey our ideas in words when we’re writing in a hurry. So we often end up with overly wordy or run-on sentences in our emails, but we don’t have the time or patience to rework them.

With Grammarly Premium, you can feel confident that your message is clear. Grammarly Premium not only identifies sentences that may be too wordy or confusing but also helps you streamline your editing process by offering full-sentence rewrites that help make your point easy to understand.

Example: We’ll record the demo so it can be shared by you or your colleagues with anyone else who’s interested.

Grammarly: This sentence uses the passive voice, and changing it to the active voice can be more straightforward.

Suggestion: We’ll record the demo so you or your colleagues can share it with anyone else who’s interested.

Strike the right tone

You may have found yourself rereading an important email to ensure your tone is coming across how you intended it to. The tone of your writing influences how people perceive your message and can impact your relationship with colleagues and clients. However, tone is difficult in written communication because you can’t use your voice or facial expressions to signal how you intend to come across. Without this context, your recipient may misinterpret your tone.

Grammarly Premium’s tone rewrite suggestions can identify sentences where your tone may be misunderstood and offer rewrites to help you sound more personable, confident, or positive.

Example: The campaign results have not met expectations, but I have some adjustments I think we can make to possibly improve performance.

Grammarly: This sentence doesn’t sound very confident, and including it in your email may leave your stakeholders feeling as though you don’t have a strong plan. Removing hedging language such as “I think” or “possibly” can help your email sound more confident and help you build trust.

Suggestion: The campaign results have yet to meet expectations, but I have some adjustments we can make to improve performance.

Write clear, concise, and effective emails with ease

Sending a work email doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety or stress. You may be unsure where to put a comma, whether you used the correct word, or how your tone is coming across, and Grammarly is here to help. Our writing assistance enables you to communicate with confidence, so you spend less time worrying about how your email will be received and more time focusing on the rest of your work. You can also download Grammarly in the Chrome Web Store.

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