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Clear and Concise Writing | Grammarly Spotlight

Updated on October 16, 2020Product

Open any book on writing and you’ll find the same advice: Never use ten words where five will do. But identifying what to cut is often easier said than done. That’s where Grammarly’s conciseness checks come in. Read on to see how Grammarly can help you tighten up your sentences.

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Why should you make your writing concise?

Nobody likes reading a long-winded email. It’s hard for readers to concentrate on your message when they have to slog through unnecessary words and rambling sentences. Grammarly’s conciseness checks are designed to detect wordiness and offer you simple, concise alternatives to get your message across effectively.

Curious about the difference between a clear, concise sentence and a wordy one? Below are three of the top offenders when it comes to wordy writing.

Unnecessary phrases

Grammarly’s unnecessary phrase check detects words and phrases that are taking up space in your sentence without adding any value.

Wordy: For what it’s worth, I thought the movie was terrific.

Concise: I thought the movie was terrific.

Wordy: Needless to say, we won’t be returning to that restaurant. 

Concise: We won’t be returning to that restaurant.


Tautologies are phrases that repeat the same information. Grammarly’s tautology check helps you cut redundant words and leaves you with stronger, more direct sentences.

Wordy: I personally would prefer to test the software before buying it. 

Concise: I would prefer to test the software before buying it. 

Wordy: The lost phone is blue in color. 

Concise: The lost phone is blue. 

Wordy constructions

Certain sentence structures tend to encourage wordiness. The wordy sentence check flags problem sentences and offers you alternative phrasing that eliminates needless words.

Wordy: There were four candidates vying for the position. 

Concise: Four candidates were vying for the position.

Wordy: Make sure you approach the conversation in a careful way. 

Concise: Make sure you approach the conversation carefully.


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