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9-Letter Words

Updated on March 30, 2023Writing Tips

Improving your writing skills, winning a game of Scrabble, or finally completing that crossword puzzle is a lot easier with a substantial vocabulary. Here, we’ll go over nine-letter words, from A to Z, to keep in your back pocket.

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Abhorrent: causing disgust; detestable

Absconder: a fugitive who avoids arrest or prosecution by running and hiding

Aesthetes: people who are concerned with subjects related to art and beauty


Baboonery: behaviors or actions that are demeaning or grotesquely comedic

Bamboozle: to fool someone

Bewitched: a spooky word meaning controlled or influenced by, as though under the effect of magic


Cacophony: a mix of sounds that are unharmonious and jarring

Catchpole: a sheriff’s deputy in charge of arresting debt evaders

Cauterize: to sear the skin with a hot tool or caustic substance


Dalliance: a casual relationship

Deviceful: inventive; ingenious

Dysphoria: experiencing feelings of extreme dissatisfaction


Essential: vital; important

Evergreen: a nature word referring to vegetation that stays green through more than one growing season

Exquisite: marked by perfection


Finagling: procuring something through deceitful measures

Flummoxed: bewildered; extremely confused

Fusillade: an attack involving shots that are rapidly fired simultaneously or in quick succession


Gallivant: to roam about for pleasure purposes

Geologize: to make geological analyses

Gunnysack: a sack made of thick, granular fabric


Halfpenny: a historical British coin equaling one half of a penny

Heterodox: holding unconventional beliefs

Humectant: a substance that helps hold in moisture


Iceblinks: beams of light in the sky over an ice field

Ignoramus: an extremely ignorant person

Imbricate: overlapping, in a style similar to roof tiles


Jabberers: people speaking rapidly or vaguely

Joyriding: a ride for the pleasure of it

Juxtapose: to compare or contrast different things


Keepsakes: objects kept or given as souvenirs

Kerfuffle: commotion usually caused by conflict

Kompromat: data used for political gain or discreditation


Launderer: someone who conceals the true source of illegally acquired money through an external entity

Lineolate: created with delicate, fine lines

Liquidity: readily available to convert into cash


Maelstrom: a powerful whirlpool; a state of turmoil

Mannerism: an unconscious distinctive action or characteristic

Metalloid: an element whose properties are between metals and nonmetals


Nonpareil: unrivaled

Nostalgia: an emotional longing for the past

Notorious: well-known, usually for a negative reason


Ophiology: the study of snakes

Opportune: favorable

Ostracize: to exclude someone from the collective


Panzootic: a pandemic, but for animals

Parabolas: a U-shaped curve used in mathematics

Pomposity: the quality of asserting self-importance


Quadruped: an animal that has four feet

Quaffable: easy and pleasant to drink

Quixotism: idealism lacking practicality, especially in pursuit of romance


Radiogram: an image produced by radiation

Randomize: to select or arrange in an unpredictable manner

Ruggedize: to strengthen something for better resistance to external factors


Scoundrel: a dishonest person

Spellings: multiple arrangements of letters to form words

Splendent: shiny


Technique: an approach to achieving a desired result

Toxigenic: producing poisons

Tutorship: a tutor’s work or workplace


Ultimatum: a final demand, which, if not met, could result in consequences or break in relations

Unkemptly: a state of being in disarray

Upcycling: making something that would have otherwise been thrown away or recycled into something new


Vaccinate: to administer an inoculation

Vandalize: to inflict damage upon

Veronique: garnished or prepared with grapes


Wearisome: bored; fatigued

Whaleback: something shaped like the back of a whale

Whizzbang: a big success


Xenograft: tissue or organs taken from a donor of one species and grafted to one of a different species

Xerophyte: a plant that has evolved to need minimal water

Xylophone: a percussion instrument


Yammering: to talk incessantly

Yesterday: the day before today

Youngster: a young person


Zealously: enthusiastically pursuing something or someone

Zeitgeber: a cue that sets or resets an organism’s biological clock

Zirconium: a metallic element with desirable properties

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