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Hi everyone! I have recently joined Grammarly because I need to learn American English for documents I am writing. I typically use British english. I was first wondering if Americans spell that yuck that happens outside weather or wether? Or if you are arguing over two things and it is weather you go to the theatre or wether you stay home? I'm not sure if weather is a decision you are making or if it means what's happening in the atmosphere or if it is wether outside is frightful (an American Christmas song I know!) or if it is wether or not you have been naughty or nice. Please suggest which of the words I have used is correct or how I can change it to be proper. Thank you!

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Hi, Simon!


The rain falling outside my window is "weather". If I have doubt about the picnic we had planned for day, then I have to decide "whether" this rainy "weather" is going to clear up.


"Wether" is a castrated ram, so I doubt you would have much use for that spelling unless you are conversing with sheep farmers.

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