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Ushering in the Future of Communication in the Era of AI

Grammarly's logo beside the text, "Grammarly's next leap forward"

I’m the CEO of a company that has been growing and profitable for 15 years, trusted by over 30 million customers and 70,000 teams, yet speculating about Grammarly’s demise has become a favorite pastime for some. 

To paraphrase Mark Twain, recent reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated. Despite speculation about perceived threats from companies like Apple, Microsoft, and OpenAI and a new crop of “RIP Grammarly” headlines, I’m entering the chat to say we’re here and we’re thriving.

Why Grammarly?

Our name may bring to mind thoughts of dangling participles, but Grammarly’s many fans know that we provide a comprehensive and powerful communication assistant that makes every conversation at work more valuable. Grammarly works across 500,000 apps and sites. Grammarly combines AI with proprietary linguistic expertise to deliver expert guidance wherever and whenever people write.

The single most important activity at work is communicating. We move work forward through conversation—one-on-one, in groups large and small, with internal teams and external partners, and in applications almost too numerous to count. Despite the importance of communication in our working lives, businesses don’t think about it as much as they should. At Grammarly, it’s all we think about.

We’re not ones to boast, but Grammarly is a key way companies and institutions are getting real value out of AI this very minute. Many consider Grammarly to be their secret superpower. Employees at Grammarly Business deployments save an average of 19 working days annually, which amounts to nearly a full month of productive time. 

At a customer event we hosted just last week, leaders at top companies told us that Grammarly is the industry leader in AI writing assistance. They shared that they couldn’t imagine working without Grammarly: Grammarly has unlocked a new level of innovation for their companies, and it’s given them a competitive edge.

As it turns out, teams at 96% of the Fortune 500 rely on Grammarly. The secret may be out. 

We’re just getting started 

Looking forward, I see endless opportunities to build on Grammarly’s strengths and provide even more value to our users. 

While Google, Microsoft, and most recently Apple focus on enhancing their own ecosystems with AI, Grammarly will be right there (like we’ve always been) wherever you need to communicate. 

Only Grammarly has the linguistic expertise, technology, and historical context to deliver the next generation of AI communication assistance. The increasing number of players in this space means the best minds in technology have taken notice of the arena where Grammarly has long been a standout. 

I welcome new entrants to push us to work faster, improve, innovate, and—most importantly—redouble our efforts to deliver value for our customers


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