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I am studying about usage of hyphens and I was wondering if the rule is consistent or optional and different, depending on people and countries? For example, "open-minded" is used with a hyphen in "She is very open-minded", but we also can find an example without a hyphen. So do you think the usage of hyphens is always the same and consistent?


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Cf. Air crew / Aircrew / Air- crew, Chat room / Chatroom / Chat-room, etc.

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In my experience, my professors have not said specifically whether or not to use hyphens for words that can be seperated by a space. I think it is acceptable either way for most words that use a hyphen. technically "open minded" is one term. You can think of it algebraically, xy is on term in mathematics that is composed of two variables, but you could also write it as x*y. I believe that hyphens were more prevalent in archaic english from about 1200 years ago up to around the 16th century, back then the English language was far less standardized and much spelling of certain words were not standardized either...just and educated guess on the matters.

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