is it five-and-a-half years or five and a half years


hyphens or not? five-and-a-half yearsor fivc and a half years?

asked May 15 '12 at 18:23 FRANCES ALLEN New member

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It's not an answer, it's a question.

Which one of these sentences is/are  correct or incorrect, and why?

1. It was two minute walk from here.
2. It was a two minute walk from here.
3. It was a two minutes walk from here
4. It was two minute’s walk from here.
5. It was two minutes’ walk from here.
6. It was a walk of two minutes from here.
7. It was a walk of two minute’s from from here.                  
Thank you.

Lajos Verasztó

Where do you think I'll get my question asnwered? 

link comment answered Feb 15 at 12:38 Lajos Verasztó New member

It was a two-minute walk from here.

or... It was two minutes' walk from here.

link comment answered Apr 12 at 17:06 Kathy New member

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