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  • -n.


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1.(finance, transitive) To endeavour to depress the price of, or prices in.
2.(transitive) To support or sustain; to hold up.
3.(transitive) To carry something.
4.(transitive) To be equipped with (something).
5.(transitive) To wear or display.
6.(transitive, with witness) To declare as testimony.
7.(transitive) To put up with something.
8.(transitive) To give birth to someone or something (may take the father of the direct object as an indirect object) .
9.(ambitransitive) To produce or yield something, such as fruit or crops.
10.(intransitive) To be, or head, in a specific direction or azimuth (from somewhere).
11.(intransitive) To suffer, as in carrying a burden.
12.(intransitive) To endure with patience; to be patient.
13.To press; with on , upon , or against .
14.To take effect; to have influence or force.
15.To relate or refer; with on or upon .
16.To have a certain meaning, intent, or effect.
17.(transitive, obsolete) To conduct; to bring (a person).
18.To possess and use (power, etc.); to exercise.
19.To possess mentally; to carry or hold in the mind; to entertain; to harbour.
20.(obsolete) To gain or win.
21.To sustain, or be answerable for (blame, expense, responsibility, etc.).
22.To carry on, or maintain; to have.
23.To admit or be capable of; to suffer or sustain without violence, injury, or change.
24.To manage, wield, or direct; to behave or conduct (oneself).
25.To afford; to be (something) to; to supply with.