Not-So-Sweet 16: Email Autonotification Hell vs. Should’ve Messaged

The Not-So-Sweet 16 rages on with this set of obnoxious inbox-stuffers. Which bothers you more, autonotification emails, or emails from coworkers who should have messaged you elsewhere? Honestly, we don’t love either.

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Autonotification Email Hell

Autonotifications are sent automatically when someone updates a task, project, or chat. In the best-case scenario, these autonotifications can be batched, but usually your inbox gets swamped by minor updates to various channels. Is it really necessary to know that someone left a chat? Rarely.

When They Should’ve Messaged

If there is an important or time-sensitive issue that the team needs to see, an email-only approach can be a disaster. For these questions, even checking your email twice a day is not enough. You’ll miss the boat. What’s worse is that emails can get pushed down deep into the inbox, making it even more difficult to reply promptly.

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