The State of Writing 2016

Writing Trends for 2016

The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written. — Joyce Carol Oates

With 2016 coming to a close, Grammarly’s team of writing analysts took a look at the biggest trends in writing in English this year. And we found some fascinating results! Below are the grammar and writing trends that dominated 2016, as well as our predictions for the next year in written English.

First, we looked at where we write, and found that this has changed significantly over time! We wouldn’t have all these newfangled typing machines without a long history of making English writing faster, easier, and more efficient.

Don’t remember when the printing press was invented? Check out this blog on how we’ve written since writing became a thing.

From Pens to Keys—The Complete History of Writing Tools

The Complete History of Writing Tools

Our team also looked at some “trendy” words in 2016, and related them back to linguistic traditions. Old linguistic traditions.

Don’t know why “verbing” is such a big deal, or why “tweens” are their own age group? Check out this blog on how old words are being used in new ways.

New Uses for Old Words

New Uses for Old Words

2016 was a rich year for the growth of writing online. The best part? Our users wrote more in 2016 than ever before! If you’d like to find out more about the best times and places write, check out this blog on writing productivity.

10 Habits Today’s Writers Share

2016 Writing Habits

In 2016, Grammarly checked more than 31 billion words! As we analyzed various types of writing, we found that a few different trends emerged. Check out this blog to find out which grammar mistakes ruled the year, based on our user data.

Here Are the Top 10 Grammar Mistakes of 2016

Top 10 Grammar Mistakes for 2016

Although we saw millions of very real grammar errors, we also noticed that some grammar rules may be going out of style. Check out this blog if you want to know which rules are in danger of extinction, based on data from our users.

Which Grammar Rules Are Dying?

Which grammar rules are dying?

We also recognized that writing as a profession changed in the last year, with the ever-increasing consumption of content and the difficulty of making a living creating it. Here are some of the trends we observed in the professional writing space.

Writers on the State of Professional Writing

How Professional Writing Changed in 2016

Slang and text speak usage continues to rise with the popularity of messaging apps on more devices, in more places. Whether grammar pedants like it or not, it appears that slang is here to stay, so we have outlined some of the most popular slang words of the year.

Here Are the Top 10 Slang Words of 2016

New Slang Words for 2016

Want to know which trends will dominate online writing in 2017? We have three ideas about how English writing will grow and change in the next year. (Don’t panic, grammar pedants!)

3 Trends That Will Dominate English Writing in 2017

3 English Writing Trends for 2017

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