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A Writer’s Guide to Creating Social Media Copy From Idea to Publish

Happy Social Media Day!

Social Media Day is a time when the Internet celebrates the beauty, the intrigue, and the memes of the online communities we all participate in. But for some, every day may seem like social media day. Between the constant buzz on Twitter and the relentless pace of Instagram Stories and Snapchat, we consume a considerable amount of social content. According to one study, the average adult spends 116 minutes each day on social media alone! (If you’re a teen, that number is even higher.)

When social media is a large part of your work life, this relentless pace can seem even more difficult to keep abreast of. Whether you’re creating social content for your company or your personal brand, the amount of writing that goes into maintaining something as simple as a Facebook account can be surprising. Those #MondayMotivation, #WednesdayWisdom, and #FridayFeeling posts add up, even if you’re only posting a few per day.

But never fear! Even if you have limited time, you can create great social media content—if you have a plan. Approaching your social writing time with a clear goal and sense of purpose is key to getting those tweets on point. Here are a few ways you can brainstorm, create, and polish your social copy to keep your feeds shining.

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