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7 Places Grammarly’s Mobile Keyboard Helps You the Most

Updated on April 8, 2022Product

Smartphone users, rejoice! Grammarly has finally made the long-awaited jump to mobile (both iOS and Android!), helping us improve our communication even when using our smartphones and tablets.

But how can the Grammarly keyboard really help your writing experience?

We’re glad you asked! Here are just a few of the important places Grammarly’s new keyboard can help you show up as your best self when you’re writing on mobile.

1 Gmail

If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of your time responding to email. And even if you’re tapping out a quick reply on the train, between meetings, or waiting in the airport, you still want your communication to come across as professional.

Having access to Grammarly on mobile is a huge relief. The new keyboard integrates seamlessly with Gmail’s mobile app and elevates your writing to the same quality standard you’re used to on non-mobile devices.

Now you won’t have to worry about emailing your boss that you’re “running large foe teh meeting.”

2 Your Favorite Dating App

If you use a dating or networking app like Bumble or Match, making a great impression is the name of the game—and using bad grammar tends to have negative results.

Research by dating sites and Zoosk found that the majority of their users (both women and men) consider bad grammar a significant turn off. (Yikes!)

Having Grammarly for mobile frees up your creative energy for crafting witty profiles and creative messages, so you can stop worrying about simple errors and start reeling in those high-quality matches.


These days we use our smartphones for writing more often than we use them for phone calls, and texting is by far the most prevalent form of mobile communication.

For years, texting has been plagued with over-zealous autocorrect features that transform our innocuous messages into hilarious and often cringe-worthy results.

So if you’re ready to drastically reduce the number of embarrassing texts you send to your crush, your boss, and your mom, Grammarly’s mobile keyboard is a must-have. It’s your personal editor for clear, effective, mistake-free writing on mobile!

4 Instagram

Let’s face it, Instagram is all about the perfect presentation. From the photo to the caption to the hashtags, you’re telling a story or sharing an idealized moment.

So whether you’re captioning the perfect vacation shot or commenting on your friend’s latest quotivational post, the last thing you want is a slew of glaring grammar errors distracting from the message you’re trying to convey.

Grammarly’s mobile keyboard ensures your Instagram game is always on point—at least when it comes to grammar. (Sorry folks. If your feed is mostly grainy photos of your lunch. . . that’s on you).

5 Facebook

For many of us, Facebook is that go-to app for “in-between” times, like your morning commute, the five minute break between meetings, your mid-morning bathroom break, or waiting for your friend to show up at dinner.

So much of our posting and commenting happens on mobile, it’s great to finally have Grammarly double-checking your writing, just like it does on your non-mobile browser.

Plus, grammar trolls love to lurk on Facebook, so it’s nice to avoid that unwanted scrutiny whenever you roll out your next Facebook missive on something you truly care about.

6 Evernote

Do you use Evernote? This app may be one of the best ways ever invented to keep track of everything in your life, and it automatically syncs between all your devices—desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Having Grammarly for mobile helps you keep your notes in great shape, so you won’t have to waste time editing them later. And with corrected spelling, you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for when you use the search feature.

Go ahead—dash off a list of project ideas, edit your novel outline, organize your family’s vacation, all on your smartphone, without worrying about rampant errors.

7 Twitter

It’s the platform of up-to-the-second social commentary that’s sparked countless cultural phenomena, political coups, and gems like “covfefe.”

Twitter may only allow 140 characters per tweet (or 280 if you’re feeling adventurous), but good grammar should still be a priority if you want to be taken seriously.

And if you need to fudge things a little for brevity’s sake, it’s always better to choose where you’re cutting corners (i.e., substituting “&” for “and”) than to make errors you weren’t aware of.

Are you using Grammarly’s mobile keyboard? You can now download it for your iOS or Android device.

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