Will You Join Us for March MADness?

Will You Join Us for March MADness?

Yesterday, Selection Sunday marked the start of the frenetic sports season many like to call March Madness. Today, we’re launching a bracket like the one you may have filled out yesterday, but our March MADness tournament contains only the most infuriating, enraging work communication pet peeves. These annoying office habits keep you from understanding—or, sometimes, liking—your coworkers, and we’re trying to find the worst habit you can form at work. Over the next month, we’ll be asking our community to vote for the worst habit, ultimately crowning the March MADness Champion on _____.

Below are descriptions of the four “conferences” for March MADness, as well as a list of all the “teams.” Have a pet peeve we missed? Comment below with your work communication pet peeve.

Work Chat Woes

These are the Slack, Google Hangouts, HipChat, and other work chat program sins we all commit. While many of the office instant messenger programs have made work life easier, they have their dissenters. Those folks probably hate these chat behaviors.

1 Gifs that keep on giffing

2 Emoji overload

3 The one-word line

4 The never-ending message

5 Early-morning chatters

6 Late-night chatters

7 Giant group chat

8 Blowing up the group chat

Email Fails

Ah, email. As the default business communication method, email has been used, overused, and abused for decades. Every professional tries to escape “email jail” (the constant state of reading and responding to emails), with varying degrees of success. Even if your inbox has been tamed, these obnoxious email habits make email jail into email hell.

9 CC overcrowding

10 Boss CC sneak attack

11 Over-forwarding

12 The “+1” response

13 Email scheduling hell

14 Email autonotification hell

15 Should’ve messaged

16 No subject line

Call Catastrophes

Interruptions, introductions, dropped calls. We all know the perils of conference calls and video chats. Even if they’re necessary for connecting with remote team members and other offices, calls can strain even the best work relationships. And if you experience these call habits, you’ll probably feel more than strained.

17 Background noise nuisances

18 Call distractions

19 Should’ve emailed

20 Should’ve spoken IRL

21 Eternal introductions

22 Total tardiness

23 The long talker

24 The interrupter

IRL Irritations

Of course, sometimes your coworkers will irritate you in real life. These smaller, more subtle bad habits may not ruin your day, but they can add up to something more enraging over time. Even if you work with angels, you’ve probably experienced one of these horrible office habits.

25 Passive-aggressive notes

26 Whiteboard woes

27 Temperature wars

28 Loud music

29 Early morning chatters

30 Close talkers

31 “But . . .”

32 “Well, actually . . .”

Want to start participating now? The polls for the first matchup between X CC overcrowding and the boss CC sneak attack, as well as the second matchup between gifs that keep on gifing and emoji overload are live. Vote for your least favorite!

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