March MADness: Temperature Wars vs. Loud Music

We all have our own preferences when it comes to office ambience. Lighting, temperature, and sound levels are points of frequent contention, especially in open offices where other’s preferences and habits can derail your focus. Try to decide which of the these environmental office factors is the most irritating.

Temperature Wars

You’re hot, then you’re cold. You’re productive, then you’re absolutely not. Having to cope with being either freezing cold or boiling hot can make focusing nearly impossible. The ensuing passive-aggressive thermometer adjustments or blanket announcements on the group chat can make temperature wars all the more insufferable.

Loud Music

Not everyone enjoys music while they work, and no one likes listining to a second-hand beat buzzing indecipherably from a neighbor’s headphones. Heaven forbid, someone decides to turn the office into a club, blaring their music over speakers.

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