March MADness: Over-Forwarding vs. The “+1” Response

Oh, email. What was once a fascinating invention for online communication now is most well-known for its entrapping capabilities (which is where we get “email jail”). These two contenders for worst email fail are especially enraging because of their carelessness and ability to clog your inbox. Which do you think is worse?


We all know the panic of opening your email and seeing a message with a subject that reads “Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Action Items.” Passing the buck, whether in-person or over email, is never fun, and somehow over-forwarding makes an already uncomfortable situation worse.

The “+1” Response:

If you put a lot of effort in sending clear, effective, well-worded emails, this may bother you more than any of the email fails on the bracket. When you send a beautifully-written email and receive nothing but “+1” responses on a thread, email quickly goes from everyday task to obnoxious chore.

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