March MADness: Passive-Aggressive Notes vs. Whiteboard Woes

Today, we’re tackling more in-the-office issues that may irritate, provoke, or enrage you from time to time. When we asked the Grammarly team which habits annoyed them most, one of these two was the answer. Can you guess which one?

Passive-Aggressive Notes:

We all know them. Some of us even make Tumblrs about them. These are the sticky notes on the fridge, your desk, or the snack area that say something that seems polite but is actually petty.

Whiteboard Woes:

If your company has whiteboards, you know the many sins that accompany this common office feature. Erasure issues, doodling over important diagrams, dried out markers, the list goes on. We’ve decided to put all of these sins in one category, since they all seem to be specific to dry erase situations.

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