March MADness: Giant Group Chat vs. Blowing Up the Group Chat

Today, we’re voting on some of the worst pet peeves in group messaging. Group chats are great for updating many people quickly and for building a sense of team, but when certain members of the chat play by different rules, things can escalate quickly. Which do you think is worse?

Giant Group Chat

These monstrosities include so many members that the rule book basically gets thrown out the window. With everyone chiming in, navigating the chat for information relevant to you and your work is almost futile.

Blowing Up the Group Chat

Smaller chats are easier to make sense of, but they have their own downsides. It’s easier for members to hijack the chat and have one-on-one conversations in the group chat. Similarly, it’s easier for an individual to go overboard with minor updates to a given project. Either way, blowing up the group chat is a good way to drown others out.

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