March MADness: Morning Busybodies vs. Close Talkers

Today’s matchup features two of the most frustrating in-person communication pet peeves—chatty morning people and people who stand a little too close when talking. Which do you think is the worst?

Morning Busybodies

Even before you’ve had a chance to gulp down your (first) coffee, these folks are darting over to your desk to ask you about your day, tell you about their plans this weekend, and ask if you know anything about housetraining poodles. On good days, you can squeak out short, polite phrases. On bad days, you’re left grunting and shrugging as you daydream about that second cup of joe.

Close Talkers

These folks like to get cozy when they’re chatting with others. They seem to be playing a game of “can you guess what I had for lunch?” where the answer is always “Onions.”

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