March MADness: CC Overcrowding vs. Boss CC Sneak Attack

Welcome to our first March MADness matchup of the season! We hope you’ve checked out the bracket, made your choices, and are ready to pick the most annoying office communication habit of all time.

We have some fierce competitors this year, from the ever-annoying passive-aggressive note to the constant interrupter. In this first match-up of the season, we have two old standbys of email jail: CC crimes. Check out the descriptions of these offenses below before you vote for a winner.

CC Overcrowding:

You know that moment when you get an email with thirty of your coworkers CC’d and you think “why?” That’s overcrowding. Too many cooks, one email chain, and (most likely) an annoyingly long string of replies accompanies this common email fail.

Boss CC Sneak Attack:

Occasionally, there is a reason to CC your manager on an email about a project or issue you’re working on. This is not one of those times. The “sneak attack” occurs when someone adds your boss to a thread in order to intimidate you or encourage a specific outcome. Not cool.

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