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12 Words to Express Love

Updated on February 13, 2023Lifestyle

Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be fun and joyful—a reason to let the person or people in your life know that you care about them. But there are times when it can also feel like a generic way to express your feelings. So, even if you’re not into the occasion or aren’t partnered, there are still lots of ways to express your very genuine love and feelings of affection for the special people in your life. Here we explore twelve words that embody the sentiments of deep connection, love, and affinity that we feel for others.

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12 words to express love

Here’s a list of beautiful words that convey different types of love and measures of love.

1 Blossom (verb)

Words that describe nature are also commonly used to characterize love. Blossom, blossoming, or blossomed illustrate a developing or maturing affection.

They left a handwritten poem on the table, and as I read it, my feelings blossomed at the gesture.

2 Besotted (adjective)

Besotted means infatuated, but it also means drunk or intoxicated. The two definitions can go hand in hand when it comes to falling in love.

He was besotted with Caroline: His words kept coming out wrong, and his hands were shaky and clammy.

3 Canoodle (verb)

Canoodling, or kissing and cuddling, is a physical way to show love.

They always sit in the last row of the theater so they can canoodle during the movie.

4 Charity (noun)

Charity, the voluntary giving of help, is love by another name—it’s love for one’s fellow human beings.

Jackie didn’t think of it as charity; they just loved organizing kids’ art activities at the community center.

5 Chemistry (noun)

Chemistry is generally associated with a field of science, but when it comes to love, it describes a mutual attachment or magnetism with someone—a chemical-like reaction that creates attraction.

I haven’t felt this much chemistry with someone in years.

6 Cherish (verb)

The word cherish means having affection for something or someone or holding it lovingly. It also describes appreciation.

Writing self-love affirmations before starting my day reminds me that no matter what happens that day, I cherish who I am.

7 Embrace (verb)

Embrace doesn’t just mean to hold someone lovingly in your arms; it also means accepting or supporting something enthusiastically. Both of these can be true when it comes to love.

She embraced Karina, wrapping her arms tightly around her shoulders.

Woodworking wasn’t his favorite activity, but if that’s what she wanted to do, he would embrace the project.

8 Endearing (adjective)

An endearing action or word is one that arouses affection, admiration, or tenderness.

I’ve always found his instinct to ask about my day before sharing his very endearing.

9 Spark (noun)

In romance, feeling a spark alludes to the emotions at the start of a relationship. It conveys feelings of excitement and attraction that can be the precursor to connection and affection.

“Did you feel that?” they asked. “I could swear I felt a spark when our hands touched.”

10 Symbiotic (adjective)

Often used in scientific contexts, symbiotic relationships, whether between different species or humans, are mutually beneficial.

They have a symbiotic dinner routine: George cooks dinner, and Peter washes the dishes.

11 Tender (adjective)

Tender can mean gentleness or concern. Tender interactions are ones that are made with care and empathy.

His mother’s touch was tender, as she told him it would all work out in the end.

12 Winning (adjective)

When it’s used as a verb, winning describes coming out on top of a competition. As an adjective, it has a similarly positive meaning, describing something that is attractive or endearing.

She had a winning smile that instantly put her partner at ease.

Love is love

Articulating your own idea of love through different expressions of love is helpful in sharpening your writing skills. It also allows you to demonstrate your appreciation and commitment, whether it’s to yourself through daily self-love affirmations or to a beloved family member or romantic partner.

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