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17 Bookish Jokes That Will Warm Your Heart

Updated on
May 13, 2019
17 Bookish Jokes That Will Warm Your Heart

Even if you take your reading habits very seriously, you cannot argue that books, bookishness, and reading aren’t a never-ending source of jokes. And by jokes, we mean jokes, but also puns, memes, sayings, and general fun and awesomeness. We’ve curated eighteen of these from the deepest, darkest corners of the web, and we bring them to you so we can share a laugh.

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1 It’s a good lesson.

Never judge a book by its movie. —J. W. Eagan

2 Rest well, book!

Why did the Romanian stop reading for the night? To give his Bucharest.

3 The difference is critical.

What’s the difference between a boring person and a boring book? You can shut the book up.

4 “Shhhhhhhh!”

A guy walks into a library. Guy: Can I have a burger and some fries? Librarian: Sir, this is a library. Guy: Right, sorry. (whispers) Can I have a burger and some fries?

5 Riddle me this…

Voldemort Riddle Husky Pun Meme.

6 It’s so punny that it hurts.

I’ve been reading a book on antigravity. It’s so good I can’t put it down.

7 Get it?

What is Emily Dickinson’s favorite reindeer? Dasher.

8 When I think about books, I touch my shelf.

9 “He ain’t lion.”

Why are you in the closet-Narnia business pun.

10 This’ll keep you sharp.

Why did Shakespeare always write in pen?

Pencils were confusing to him. 2B or not 2B?

11 I have a question for you.

Ever feel like you’re spending too much time reading? Me neither.

12 Keep calm.

Keep calm seriously you’re in a library

13 Logical.

Dinosaurs didn’t read. Now they’re extinct.

14 Bookworm goals.

You know you’re bookish when your bookmarks are smaller books.

15 Survival skills.

Feeling cold? Get a book! You’ll still be cold, but at least you’ll have a book.

16 Condescending Pun Dog has a point.

The Importance of Being Earnest? I’m Wilde about it.

17 Admit it. You’ve felt this.

The feeling when you don’t want to put your book down because the characters might do something without you.

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