Is Stupider (Stupidest) a Word?

  • Stupider is the comparative form of the adjective stupid. Because stupid is a two-syllable word, it’s comparative form can be created either by adding the suffix “-er” or by using more.
  • The same goes for the superlative form of stupid. It can be either the stupidest or the most stupid.
  • Stupid and its related word forms are considered very rude and insulting in some situations. These terms should always be avoided in formal and professional settings.

Stupid is a two-syllable adjective, which means you can make its comparative and superlative forms in one of two ways: by adding the corresponding suffix or by adding more or most.

Stupider vs. More Stupid

The form of an adjective determines how you form the comparative. If an adjective contains one syllable, you usually add the suffix -er to make the comparative form. That’s how you get “bigger” from “big” and “taller” from “tall.”

For adjectives with more than two syllables, you usually use the word “more” to create the comparative. That’s why you can say that something is “more beautiful” but not “beautifuller.”

Two-syllable adjectives mix both rules; some of them always use the suffix for the comparative form (heavier, smellier), while others seem to use “more” (more tepid, more lurid). This is one of the reasons some people think that the comparative form of stupid should be more stupid and not stupider.

But the major dictionaries would disagree; stupider is commonly cited as the correct comparative form of the adjective stupid. Stupider is grammatically correct, it is a real word, and it’s been in use for at least the last two hundred years.

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Stupidest vs. Most Stupid

The same rules apply to creating superlative adjectives. The only difference is that they take the suffix -est or the determiner “most.” As with stupider, stupidest is perfectly correct and listed as standard in dictionaries.

Examples of Stupider and Stupidest

That’s even stupider [in] a real world which proves just the opposite.

That means slower – drunker – fatter – stupider. No one can compete with that.

Over at Reddit, people are sharing the stupidest reasons they fight with their significant others, and there are some real doozies.

Park rangers have revealed some of the stupidest things they have witnessed on the job in a new thread on Reddit—and while some of the tales are hilarious, others are downright dangerous, to both the tourists and the wildlife.

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  • Nojuan Especial

    How convenient that it’s proper grammar, and yet, you can still tell the most stupid person in a room solely based on their use of “stupider”.

    • Fatty BeltBuckles

      The person in the room who is stupider than you and i, is usually “more stupid” than you think lol 😉

  • Peter Caleb

    That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.

    I’m only joking, but just to show that usage varies. I don’t think anybody ever says, “That’s the most stupid thing I ever heard.”

  • Tom Wise

    I thought he said “spider”

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