“Do You Write Like an Introvert?” Quiz

Have you ever wondered how introverted or extroverted your work style is? This short quiz will help you understand whether your writing personality tends toward introversion or extroversion.

Do You Write Like an Introvert Quiz

What kind of writing personality do you have? What parts of writing are easy or challenging for you? Share your stories in the comments.

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Weekly Grammar Tips
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  • Melissa Roscoe

    I am an Introverted Writer.

  • Asher Smith Films (SmithStudio

    Totally wrong. My description was the opposite of what I answered.

  • Biola Shofu

    Definitely extroverted. I tend to dive in to my writing and outside noise then becomes muted

  • Marcella Montanaro

    I think there’s a typo in the section about good careers for extroverts: Politican.
    Thank you.

  • Harish Sharma

    I am writing whenever i want anytime any day but come into mood its takes time but thoughts are free to come and I used them in my writing.

  • John Ramel Yuga Abanes

    Yay for being an ambivert! I get to experience the best of both sides!

  • Ademola Abimbola

    Spot on… nice quiz

  • Ken Johnson

    The word is “extravert,” from “extra-” meaning “outward.” You don’t spell it with an “o.”

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