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How Consistency Is Critical to Work Communication

Updated on June 2, 2022Professionals

Excellent communication isn’t just a top skill needed in multiple roles across an organization. It’s the cornerstone of a good brand. Great work communication uses consistent, clear, and engaging language. If you can communicate your message consistently and directly in your writing, you will get buy-in from colleagues, engagement from customers, and accomplish more in your career.

Roles today are increasingly distributed and cross-functionally collaborative, which can make work communication more complicated. Working with a team in a different time zone, learning internal buzz words, and writing messages for people outside your organization make it challenging to keep everything consistent.

Grammarly Premium includes features that can save you time and effort by keeping your punctuation, dates, and style consistent. But consistency in work communication is so much more—it’s as much an exercise in branding as it is in writing. Here’s how consistency contributes to your (and your organization’s) success.

Put your brand language on autopilot 

Whether you’re a brand steward for your company or keen on developing a strong personal brand at work, consistency is vital. At the bare minimum, your written communications should include correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Nailing these details says that you are thoughtful about your work—but don’t stop there. There’s an opportunity to ensure that terms and language specific to your brand are consistent throughout your emails, sales materials, and presentations. Your company name, executive team members, product features, or event titles, for instance, are high stakes. Any inconsistencies in key branded terms can look unprofessional and can chip away at hard-earned customer trust. 

Grammarly Business recently introduced style guides, a solution to align teams and keep their branded terms consistent in communication. 

Save time and energy 

Raise your hand if you work in a role that relies heavily on written communication. For those who must write, edit, and audit brand messages, using a full-featured digital writing assistant for work communication is invaluable. Most marketing, recruitment, and sales teams don’t have access to a full-time editor that can review writing before it’s sent or published.

Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Business are more cost-effective than hiring a full-time editor. By leveraging features that promote brand consistency, you can save time, effort, and money. 

Help Your Team Do Their Best Work

Get in touch

Produce work that supports your objectives

Consistency in our work communication can lead to positive results over time, especially for customer-facing roles like sales, customer service, or marketing. If you work in a customer success role, for example, the way you communicate reflects your company, the brand, and business objectives. If you have a team objective to increase customer satisfaction by 10 percent this quarter, then delivering kind, well-written customer resolution tickets can make a big difference in achieving it. You can lean on the Grammarly tone detector and set goals by specifying the formality, tone, and intent of your message. Moreover, when you and your team use consistent language that engages customers and is free of internal jargon, you can create an authentic, brand-forward experience across channels. 

Learn more about Grammarly Business style guides and how this feature can align your team and brand.

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