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16 Original Pun-inspired Costumes to Wear This Halloween

Updated on October 23, 2017Lifestyle

To anyone who’s been following us on social media, it should come as no surprise that Grammarly loves puns—especially clever ones that we’ve never seen before. With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we would pull together some of the most creative ideas to spark your imagination.

1 Drawn and Quartered

It’s a good thing puns aren’t considered treason! Follow this helpful tutorial to cover yourself in Pop Art makeup, then draw or hot-glue quarters to an old T-shirt.

2 Cool Hand Luke

You can keep your cool hand, Luke . . . just don’t give us the cold shoulder! This simple, comfy costume is straight out of your dad’s joke vault. Pick out a comfortable outfit—anything will do. Make a name tag and write “Luke” on it. Then, for the clincher, paint your hand blue. You’re all set! If you want to beef up the authenticity, pick an outfit that really channels Paul Newman.

3 Barewolf

This costume is so great we can barely contain ourselves! Becoming the Barewolf is easy. Take your standard, run-of-the-mill werewolf costume, but strip it down, using only the bare minimum—some fangs or wolf paws. Bonus points if you can find a nude-colored body-suit. The best part about this costume is you literally don’t have to try!

4 Punk’in Spice

Would you tell Sid Vicious that he was basic? No, we didn’t think so. Get your teen angst on with this punk-inspired costume! The goal here is to put the “punk” in “punk’in spice.” After you get your punk look down, finish your look off with a “spice” name tag, or—if you’re feeling ambitious—build a wearable spice rack. Need some punk makeup tips? Check out this tutorial.

5 Corn on the Bob

Put the corn anywhere you like; the costume is yours! And then add another little happy corn friend, because everyone needs a friend! With this costume, corn on the cob meets Bob Ross. Get an afro-style wig, unbutton your shirt maybe one button too many, and cover yourself in corn—painted corn cobs are even better.

6 Australian Shepherd

This costume is doggone dinky-di, mate! Sometimes taking things literally has pun-tential. Think back to all those Christmases you spent staring at the nativity scene while your grandpa told you about his bunions for the fiftieth time. Channel your inner sheep herd, then brush up on your Aussie accent. DIY done.

7 Ozzy Pawsbourne

Extra credit if you play “Bark at the Moon” and howl alllll night. This costume can be an individual costume or a couple’s costume with your pup. If you’re going solo, dress up as Ozzy Osbourne, equipped with collar, dog ears, and tail. If you’ve got a canine companion, you dress as Sharon and style your dog as Ozzy.

8 The Red “C”

Ahhh, we sea what you did there. Wear a comfy outfit and top it with a red C. Simple AND clever.

9 Mockingbird

“Hey, I like your costume!” “Hey, I like your costume! . . . ” Dress like a bird. You can go full DIY or get a great costume on Amazon, but the best part is you can playfully “mock” people all night.

10 The Walking Bread

Graaains! Grrrrainnns! Mmmm! Who doesn’t love zombie bread? Get this great bread costume or a simple bread T-shirt and zombie it up with some make-up to become The Walking Bread!

Get your #2 pencils ready, folks! We’re giving extra credit for word-inspired costumes!

1 Comma, Comma, Comma Chameleon

Everyone will have to pause to appreciate this awesome costume! Start by getting a chameleon costume, then attach some felt commas with velcro or hot glue. Voila!

2 Colon or Semicolon Powell

“There are no secrets to [costume] success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” —Colin Powell This one is simple! Just find your most political suit, and snag a pair of glasses from the thrift shop! Attach colons or semicolons to the outfit with pins or hot glue. Check out Colin Powell reference photos to make sure you nail the look.

3 Grammar and Grampa

Grams will give you cookies, as long as you know the difference between your and you’re. This is a costume for two. Grab your SO or bestie, follow this “old age” makeup tutorial, and grow old together! Gramps is done once he dons his suspenders and bifocals, but Grams will need some corrective phrases and a red pen to polish her look.

4 To Kill a Mockingbird

It might be a sin to kill a mockingbird, but this costume is heavenly! See our earlier Mockingbird costume, but add a Halloween-worthy head wound! Here’s how.

5 Hairy Potter

Yer an artist Hairy! Here’s some clay… Unless you’re naturally hairy, you’ll have to get a gnarly wig; the bushier, the better! Caveman costumes are good for this. Dress in your clay-covered overalls, get yourself a ceramic or clay pot and—just like magic—you’re a “Potter!”

6 Thesaurus

This costume is great! Terrific! Amazing! Yeah, you get it. Initially, this one comes with a bit of investment in a good dino costume, but to complete the look all you need is a list of synonyms and some pins! Or, just walk around offering synonyms to everyone. “Your costume is scary, terrifying, horrifying, shocking . . .” A few dinosaur puns might also get you in the spirit.

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