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Grammarly Welcomes General Counsel

I shared the following message with Grammarly team members:

I’m thrilled to share that Jennifer Miller has joined Grammarly as General Counsel! Jennifer will lead Grammarly’s legal function and join our Operating Team. 

The role of General Counsel at Grammarly is pivotal for our growth and continued innovation. It’s a role that will help us navigate business risks with precision, especially in areas like AI and privacy regulations and the work we do at Grammarly. As General Counsel, Jennifer will also play a crucial role in scaling our managed business.

Jennifer’s unique background made her an ideal fit, with experience at hyper-growth and large-scale companies ranging from Starship Technologies (autonomous robot delivery), Loon (internet via stratospheric balloons), Gigamon (network devices), HP, Cisco, and others.

She’s particularly inspired by companies undergoing worldwide growth while developing innovative and disruptive technologies. Jennifer has also dealt with complex legal issues ranging from AI and privacy to global aviation regulations!

Our interview team was impressed by Jennifer’s strong business orientation and values-fit as a Grammarly leader and believe she will play a crucial role in our mission to improve lives by improving communication. Welcome to Grammarly, Jennifer!

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