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5 Guidelines to Make our Community Better

Updated on May 27, 2019Lifestyle

Happy Grammar Day!

To celebrate this fine day, we usually do something fun with our community. In years past, we’ve helped folks test their grammar skills and have shared interesting tidbits about the evolution of language. This year, we want to start off by thanking you for being such an awesome community of writers, word-nerds, and communication enthusiasts. (And if you’re new here, welcome!)

A few veteran grammar fans may have noticed some changes in our blog and social community this past year. Specifically, we’ve begun responding to some of your comments to connect you with support, ask you for product feedback, and celebrate your accomplishments. These changes have been the first step toward our goal of helping you be heard and understood.

We’re excited to let you know that we’re introducing another update to our community. It’s time to make the community a more inviting place. With that in mind, we want to share brand new guidelines that will help us build stronger connections with each other.

1. Be kind to those who aren’t like you.

We strive to empower our community so you can learn from one another. Let’s make sure people of all backgrounds, identities, and beliefs feel welcome. We won’t tolerate harassment, lewdness, or hate speech.

If we observe this behavior or receive a valid complaint about your conduct, we’ll remove your comment and/or ban you from our pages. Comments that we find to be inflammatory will also be removed. This applies to all comments on our blog and Facebook posts, as well as on Twitter. Every person in our community deserves safety and respect.

2. Support growth along different paths.

Communication is hard! Just because someone has a different perspective than you doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong. Recognize that language and conventions evolve. Plus, we’ve all had unique experiences that influence how we express ourselves, and there are many ways to communicate well.

Please stay mindful of this, assume others have good intentions, and embrace different perspectives as you debate and converse with each other.

3. Stay constructive when helping others.

Nobody’s perfect. But mistakes shouldn’t be a source of shame—after all, they’re opportunities to learn. Stay positive, helpful, and encouraging, especially when someone makes an error. Progress matters more than perfection.

The Grammarly community is a place to be proud of helping and supporting others. You’ll certainly have our gratitude!

4. Don’t spam the community.

We want to make this community enjoyable for everyone. Spammy behavior ranges from submitting unrelated, self-promotional links to flooding posts or tweets with the same comment over and over again.

5. Stay on topic.

It’s natural for conversations to meander, but please try to stay on topic when participating in a thread. This helps keep things organized and makes it much easier for others to follow along.

Have questions? Read on. We’ve rounded up some helpful information about our community.

I have a problem. How do I get in touch with Grammarly?

If you are a registered user and need assistance, please visit our helpdesk or submit a request. We do not provide phone support at this time, but we would love to help you.

I left a comment on your blog. Why hasn’t it shown up?

We premoderate all comments on our blog, which is why they might not appear right away. We do our best to address these in a timely fashion, and we appreciate your patience.

What should I do if I have other questions?

Never fear! Feel free to ask your questions right here in the comments. We’re also always standing by on Twitter or on Facebook.

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