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Grammarly Leads the Way in Transforming Workplace Communication, With a Refreshed Brand

Updated on January 31, 2024Company

At Grammarly, we believe great writing gets work done. Clear communication fuels results, whether that’s a perfect sales email, an essay that makes the grade, or an entire team collaborating with breathtaking ease.

For nearly 15 years, Grammarly has transformed how millions of people write. Our mission has been unwavering: to improve lives by improving communication. We know communication breaks down barriers, builds connections, and helps organizations worldwide drive more impact.

When applied responsibly, we believe AI will fundamentally improve the workplace—and Grammarly will play a leading role in driving this shift.

In the US alone, we estimate that businesses lose over a trillion dollars every year due to poor communication like unclear emails, misunderstood messages, and confusing docs. Information overload slows us down, and we spend half our workweek writing and rewriting. As we write more, could it be that we’re actually saying less?

In the future we imagine, AI doesn’t just spit out more content, more words, or more emails. It augments us to make what we say better, stronger, more meaningful. And more concise.

Today, Grammarly is already the leading AI writing partner for every stage of the writing process, from blank page to final draft. People at 96% of the Fortune 500 rely on Grammarly, and 70,000 teams at businesses like Atlassian, Zoom, Databricks, and Siemens use our product every day. We are the ROI in effective communication at work, saving organizations an average of 19 working days per employee annually—that’s over $5,000 per employee in productivity.

Now, we’re unveiling a refreshed brand identity that reflects our long-held belief that better writing means better business.

Our evolved look highlights how Grammarly is the trusted AI writing partner that closes the gap between what people think and how they write it—so they can understand each other better and have greater impact.

Our product is core to who we are and how people rely on us to do their best work, and our refreshed brand reflects this. We looked at our product’s beloved Grammarly button that’s there wherever you work and saw big possibilities from that small space. This “container” shape extends across our logo and creative treatments.

Our new brand color palette is bold and sophisticated while extensible and accessible. Each color name is inspired by a material for writing and printing used throughout history, such as Indigo blue and Rubrico red.

More than ever, Grammarly is for work. In this new era, our brand better represents who we are and where we’re going. Grammarly has long been the go-to AI writing partner that people have trusted to help them create their best work. Now we’re poised to realize a future where you can write at the speed of your thoughts without sacrificing quality.

Put Grammarly to work—and see where your writing can take you.

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