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Self-Love Affirmations to Tell Yourself Daily

Updated on February 11, 2021Lifestyle
Self-Love Affirmations

For those who need to hear it: Valentine’s Day, and any expression of love, isn’t just for couples. We believe that love of self is one of the most important expressions of love there is. Especially after a year of tumult, uncertainty, and isolation, everyone deserves to feel loved—and there is perhaps no better way to find it than by looking inward. Self-love is not only important, but also necessary to building confidence, resilience, independence, and even stronger relationships with others. While self-worth manifests positivity in other areas of our lives, it’s not always easy to adhere to consistent positive self-talk. 

It’s important to acknowledge even the smallest of self-care wins, but also do oneself better than a pat on the back. To get yourself going, we’ve outlined twelve daily affirmations to boost your ego and show yourself a little love. Try reflecting on and celebrating yourself on the daily—you deserve it.

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1 I got this!

Whether it’s in tackling a busy workweek or your fear of heights, positive self-talk in the simplest form is highly effective. Imagine if your best friend were feeling apprehensive about a situation that you knew they could handle. What would you tell them? Speak to yourself in the same way. Manifesting positive results is possible with a “you-can-do-it” mentality. 

2 I do ___ really well.

You’re not perfect, and nobody is asking you to be. Still, you have a multitude of strengths, and it’s important to celebrate them. Make a verbal or mental note of something you excel at. Or, list multiple things—count your wins! 

3 I am ___ (insert a non-physical quality).

In a similar vein, remember that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Society creates expectations for our looks and possessions, but a fancy car or perfect skin can’t provide genuine validation. Give yourself a real boost by reflecting on one of your unique qualities—humor, brains, or resilience. 

4 I’m so proud of the way I approached this ___ situation. 

Remember that time you did that cool thing, and you felt really good? Do you notice how thinking of it now still makes you feel wonderful? Remind yourself of your past accomplishments more often.

5 Something I’ve learned recently is ___. 

As humans, we are continually evolving, learning, and adapting—sometimes without even realizing it. Give yourself kudos for a skill, habit, or wisdom you’ve learned recently, and for the growth it has brought you.

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6 I feel happiest when I ___. 

In positive psychology, “flow” is that state of mind when you become fully immersed in an activity, like painting, running, or any interest that comes naturally to you. Experiencing flow can elevate feelings of joy and fulfillment. So try to remember what brings you that gratification, and do more of it.

7 In the past, when I’ve felt sad/lonely/overwhelmed, I persevered through it by ___.

We all have days that feel a little heavier or more difficult. When feeling swamped with negative emotion, think of a past time when you’ve been there. Then, identify the factors that lifted your spirits. Maybe it’s exercise, cooking a special meal, or calling your mom. Focus on what brings you comfort and reflect on your strength. 

8 I look forward to ___.

There’s something about anticipation that energizes us. Looking ahead to an event with hope and expectation can be good for us—it drives us forward. Whether it’s seeing friends over the weekend or going on a trip next month, mentally bookmarking upcoming moments provides a sense of motivation and hope.

9 My family/friends love ___ about me.

In moments when it’s not as easy to compliment yourself, think of how the people in your life see you. We’re our own toughest critics, so thinking of a compliment we’ve received or seeing ourselves through the eyes of someone we love can provide an uplifting perspective. And it can be a gateway to stronger self-love.

10 I felt brave when I ___.

Growth happens when we step outside our comfort zone, and courage is a force that often helps us achieve that. Focusing on moments when you’ve exhibited bravery elicits feelings of pride—and certainly, we all have much to be proud of.

11 I find strength in ___. 

Naturally, there are moments when we don’t feel so brave. Unfortunately, fear, sadness, and doubt are natural parts of life. Calling on what grounds and refreshes us—art, nature, time with family, spirituality, etc.—reminds us of the external forces that bolster us when it feels too tough to create on our own.

12 I find beauty in ___.

Merriam-Webster defines beauty as pleasurably exalting the senses, mind, or spirit. We can find beauty in the little things—the way the clouds break in the sky, a barista’s kindness, or our children’s curiosity. Reminding ourselves of moments that inspired us, big or small, provides us with purpose and gratitude.

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