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4 Ways Grammarly Helps You Connect With Your Coworkers

Updated on June 2, 2022Professionals
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If you work in an office, you likely spend most of the day around your colleagues—and you have to communicate with them all day, whether you want to or not. Whether you’re writing an email to coordinate a project, instant messaging a colleague for a quick approval, swinging by someone’s desk to look at their computer in person, or even communicating indirectly through important presentations or reports, you’re communicating with your colleagues all day, every day.

That’s a lot of words, and it means being “on” all the time. Something is bound to slip through the cracks. 

Grammarly focuses on how you write so you can focus on what you write. Here are a few features that help you say what you mean. 

1 Tone detection

Grammarly’s newest feature helps you check your text to make sure you’re not coming off angry when you mean to be businesslike or informal when you need to make an important request. As you type, Grammarly assesses the content of your message and assigns it one or more tones, so you can see ahead of time how you’re coming across. See more about how to use the tone detector.

2 Writing goals

When you’re writing something longer than your average “Sounds good” email, the Grammarly Editor can help you match your writing to your audience. With goal categories like Audience, Formality, and Domain, you can accurately tailor your writing to be exactly what you want it to be. 

You can choose your audience based on how well-versed they are in the subject of your writing. Formality helps you strike the right attitude, between informal, which lets you use slang, and formal, where casual contractions might not be appropriate. And you can tailor your document type in a number of ways—academic, casual, and creative being just some of them. Customizing your goals helps Grammarly prioritize what to suggest and what to leave.

3 Clarity suggestions

When you write for a living, you go through several drafts to get to a finished product, but if you’re writing a bunch of emails, you usually only have one. This means that not only will you benefit from a thorough spelling and grammar check, but also that you may leave in repetitive or redundant phrases. Grammarly can help find these phrases and cut them, making your writing clear and easy to understand.

4 Delivery suggestions

When you find yourself softening your tone on things you do have a strong opinion about, Grammarly can help you cut out your hedging language and deliver your message directly. It can also let you know what phrases may come off as offensive to your audience, as well as lingo that may not be appropriate for, say, an email that will be seen by the board of directors.

With these tips, you can use Grammarly not just for spelling and punctuation issues, but to take some stress out of the writing you do every day.

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