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What means they’re.  No also is in my dictionary español-inglés.  Is this same means their? I read in my book of exercises.   “They’re bunnies, not puppies!”  Is foto- boy so little and has thing with wheels (el carrito) con animals.  Behind the foto is They’re bunnies.  Bunnies no is in my dictionary but I see foto so I no this.  Need help only with what means theyre.  Their means su (Spanish) and means is puppies of boy? 

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If you are asking about English "their" versus "they're", then I think the most important thing to talk about is the function, not just the word meaning.


"are" is a verb, which is required for every complete sentence.


When someone mistakenly says "Their wrong", or the like, then he or she has completely omitted a verb from his or her sentence.

Think of "they're" as a subject and a verb... they are...

"They are wrong." has a subject and a verb--so the contraction is they're.


Think of the pronoun 'their' as an adjective that you can find by asking the question "whose?"

They lost their jackets

They lost (whose?) jackets.

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Their is a posssessive from.

|They're is the contracted form of They are OR They were

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